Has anyone been on Carnival Destiny before?

I am going out on thanksgiving week with my family. I am 15 year old guy. I was just wondering if there is alot to do for a kid my age on there. It seems like there is lots off stuff for just adults. And then they have this club thing for teens but it sounds kinda gay because you play like board games. I was just wondering if you were a teen would you go into that program or would you just try to have fun walking around the ship?

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    Don't worry there will be stuff for you to do. I went on a different carnival ship and I am 16 and there was tons to do. At the beginning of the trip you get this little booklet that tells you all about the events coming up for the week for club 02. Club O2 is for ages 15-17. here are some of the things that were going on during my cruise:

    Day 1: Two welcome aboard parties

    Day 2: jeopardy, battle of the sexes, card game, board games, teen party in the disco, night club @ 11

    Day 3: game show mania, who wants to be a millionaire, scene it, mix time (with a dj), dance party @ 10

    Day 4: Was a day in port so nothing was happening during the day, but at night, Texas hold'em tourney and late night movie

    Day 5:Also at port, karaoke and deck party

    Day 6: trivia, amazing race, fear factor, scavenger hunt, basketball/volleyball, dance dance dance!!, then a dance off!!

    Last day: ping pong tourney, how to make towel animals,farewell party.

    I don't think you will get bored! Tons to do, obviously it will vary by ship but you get the idea, Have an awesome trip, carnival rocks!

    Here's some info i found on the carnival website:

    From the moment they step onboard, Club O2 teens are part of a cruise experience unlike anything else. Every activity and event -- from outdoor activities like: basketball, volleyball, ping pong, pool parties and high-energy dance parties -- has been specially created with 15-17 year-olds in mind.

    Club O2 Daytime activities are designed to be a little more relaxed. Teens can hangout with their friends while watching a movie, listening to the latest music, playing video games or joining karaoke jam sessions. We’ve even set up teen-only shore excursions so your young adults can enjoy the sites and sounds of our beautiful ports with their peers.

    All activities are coordinated by a Club O2 Director dedicated to keeping the activities fun for our 15-17 year old guests.

    Many of our ships feature a dedicated lounge designed just for the Club O2 program. These hot spots feature comfy seating, video monitors, a state-of-the-art dance floor and an area to enjoy Coca-Cola products and other non-alcoholic specialty drinks.

    Club O2 Directors are hired and trained to spark the interest of the teens and get them involved. Each director brings their own unique style to Club O2. Their motivation and dedication to the program ensures your teen’s cruise experience is unlike any they have ever had before. They are hosts, entertainers and often DJ’s for the teens.

    Some of our Club O2 activities include:

    • Board Games

    • Card Games

    • Music Hangs

    • Theme parties

    • Lido Deck Activities

    • Reality Games Shows

    • Trivia and scavenger hunts

    • Pool Parties

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    I haven't been on the Destiny, but I have been on one of its sister ships, the Paradise, and they had a club for teens. They had all kind of girls dancing, and the guys were having a good time too. Looks like they were having a ball. I think you be ok.

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    They are each older ships within the Carnival fleet, even though I'm certain they have got been refurbished. For a 4-day cruise, I do not suppose it could topic that so much. BTW - The "remedy" for chair hogs across the pool is to transport the stuff off the loungers while you see that nobody is occupying them. Or ask the Pool attendant to take action.

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    umm search for girls is a gfood thing to do umm when you go u get everyday they give you a schedule of all the things to do and the times and the locations of it. i am fourteen and i went on the carnival valor over the summer and i took a friend and we hung out but yeah there really wasnt anything for us teens to do

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