profit and loss?

Usha bought 100 eggs for Rs.80. She sold half of these at a profit of 10%.Five eggs got broken.. At what profit percent should she sell the remaining eggs so as to gain 12 1/2% on the whole,assuming that shoe found a one-rupee coin on the way and is going to count it in her profit ? Had she not found the coin ,and had she sold the remaining , and had she sold the remaining eggs cost-to-cost ,what profit or loss percent would she have made?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Profit on 50 eggs was .1(40)= 4 rupees

    After finding the rupee her profit was 4+1=5 rupees

    Total desired profit =.125(80) = 10 rupees

    Therefore she must sell the remaining 45 eggs for 5 rupees

    Since she paid 45(80)/100 = 4.5 rupees for the 45 eggs, the profit was .5/4.5 = 11.11%.

    If she had not found the 1 rupee coin and had she sold the rest of the eggs at cost then her total profit would have been just the 4 rupees which would be 4/80 = 5%

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