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Have short pixie cut, how to best allow it to grow out?

Get multiple styles over time, wear a hat? What do you think? Any suggestions?

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    i would let it grow out if i were u

    not too long but like down to your shoulders.

    if you have straight hauir layers would look good..

    if you have curly hair layers just make your hair more curly

    hope it helps!

    Source(s): the curly layers:me im straightning it now and it looks good withlayers.
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    Depending on the type of hair you have:

    If its afro textured you should wash it every week (To keep your follicles clean and ready to grow) and deep condition every two weeks. Trim only if necessary (i.e. split ends or uneven). Get a touch up every 7-8 weeks. If possible stretch your touch up to 10 weeks (2 months) Remember to also moisturize your new growth and keep your hair from coming in contact with your clothes too much. (M-W let it hang out, T-Sun updo; in reference to the days of the week). Dont forget to condition your ends!

    If its caucasian textured hair you should wash your hair every 3 days to relieve it of the oil and dirt and leave the pores nice and clean to grow faster. Dont use heat appliances often (limit to 2 times a month). Deep Condition every so often to strengthen the hair. Moisturize your ends too. ^-^

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    just get it trimmed every once in a while, but don't get different styles while ur trying 2 grow it out becuz then when those grow out they will look weird.

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    let it grow, but get it trimmed often. just letting it grow out by itself will damage the hair, and slow the growing process. once it reaches a reasonable length, maybe consider extensions.....

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    Too bad you want to do that, I like those haircuts. Mmmmmmm.

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    Don't cut it anymore.

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