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how do you say goodbye in your language?

And pls, don't answer if it's in english, cause I already know that one. Anywayz thanx in advance

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    Hoşçakal or Güle güle.

    Source(s): Turkish.
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    Ma Salaam

    Yallah Salam


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    Selamat Tinggal.. In malay or bahasa indonesia

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    Au revoir or Voyons vous ultérieur

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    One way to say "goodbye" in Inuktitut is "aksunai", though in different dialects other words are used.

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    Khuda Hafiz or Allah Hafiz in Urdu.

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    Selamat tinggal (Goodbye)

    Selamat jalan (Bon Voyage)

    Jumpa lagi (Til we meet again)


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    I speak french and in french, there are many ways to say goodbye.

    Here are two ways you can say it:

    au revoir (oh-REV-WAHR)


    salut (sah-LUU)

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