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can i conceive 4/5 days before my period is due?

my period are quite regular between 28 and 31 days at the most and it is the 28th day today. I had unprotected sex with my partner 2 days ago. Can i still become pregnant or should I get the morning after pill just in case?

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    If being pregnant is something you are really not ready for, then you should take the morning after pill. This delivers a massive dose of hormones to your body which prevents a fertilized egg implanting on the wall of the womb.

    However, while possible, it is unlikely that you would become pregnant at this point in your cycle. Fertility for a 28-31 day cycle (same as me!) occurs between days 11 and 16, and conception is highly unlikely after day 18. Don't risk it if you don't want a baby though, remember it's a life you're talking about.

    In future, try and get your boyfriend to take some responsibility! Perhaps remind him that he would be financially liable for life if you got pregnant, or tell him you would go round his house and tell his mum! Seriously though, take better care, a moments passion can equal a lifetimes responsibility.

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    very unlikely. this is called the rhythm method of birth control. However, there are exceptions. Or you could be pregnant from a previous encounter and just not know it. You should do a urine pregnancy test after a few days if you take no action and remain uncertain. The other unmentioned risk in all unprotected encounters is an std. you have to be 100 per cent sure of a partner's present and past to be safe. since no one can be that sure of anything, always use protection. good luck.

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    No , You can conceive 14 days from the day your period starts.

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    Are you nuts. Use protection!

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