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i need help picking out an audition song for the musical?

i'm trying out for the musical at school and can't find a good song to sing. Please help me and put a song choice not a play.

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    Try to go with something that suits your vocal range.

    Without knowing what that is, may I suggest: My Immortal, sung by Amy Lee of Evanescence?

    It's a beautiful, dramatic song. Check it out:

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    You know, for such things, I'm a singer and for auditions, I usually pick songs that showcase the range of vocals I have. If you are an alto, pick perhaps "The living years" or "Love me" by Collin Raye. If you are a soprano, pick musical songs! Those high notes they hit are sure to score you a ten! Pick maybe "my only chance" in forbidden city, "Castle on a cloud" les miserables or the chorus of "tomorrow" by annie the musical. Hope that helps! Mostly, this is a school musical. You've gotta look good during the auditions so pick an outfit that expresses the song's innermost meaning and emotions. Be sure to look confident and give the judges your strut stage veneer. Break a leg!

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    well your other answerers took what I was going to suggest.

    Usually if I go I won't practice singing until I know I'm at least in for my acting skills.

    Don't get me wrong, I am a good singer, now that I'm in...lets work on the song. I'll sing what songs are in that musical. The Music director or teacher, will give us scripts.

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    Not knowing what the title of the musical is, it's tough to recommend a song...do you need to sing the entire song or just a verse??

    I'd try "Amazing Grace." The dynamic range (distance between lowest and highest vocal pitches needed to sing the song) is not hard to cover, and the first verse is fairly easy to remember:

    "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound/That saved a wretch like me/I once was lost, but now I'm found/Was blind, but now I see..."

    Good luck!!

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    I Feel Pretty- West Side Story

    When You Got It, Flaunt It- The Producers

    Sisters' Lament- Cinderella(Rodger&Hammerstein, Whitney Houston)

    This List is too short. You should try a good classic song. That gives points.

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    nicely this is a itemizing: Fergie's "huge females do not Cry": It has long extreme notes to electrify the team, and that they don't seem to be very not undemanding to attain. Fireworks by making use of Katy Perry: nicely, you sing alto soprano, so perhaps it wont be too not undemanding so which you may gain the extreme notes in this track. 1000 Miles by making use of Vanessa Cartlon: that's an extremely candy track for a candy voice, however the difficulty is that it does not have many extreme notes. Any Christina Aguilera track: all of them have incredible extreme notes. Im with you by making use of Avril Lavigne: You sing low soprano, that track has low notes, you sing alto soprano, that track has very extreme notes. nicely, that's all I even have :). Oh God, I merely examine the "could be from a musical" section. nicely, you have "do not stop believing" by making use of adventure :).

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    When There Was Me and You from High School Musical.

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    I think it depends on what kind of voice you have.....like soprano, alt-soprano, that kind of voices.

    Does the song you choose has to be one from a musical?

    Or can you choose any song?

    If you have the right voice-range, you might want to choose "Confidence in me", from "The Sound of music".

    It's challenging, and shows what you are capable of.....plus it gives you the ability to act it out while singing.

    Good luck with whatever song you choose!

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    Tomorrow (Annie)

    You've Got a Friend (i forget who the singer is, but it's a woman and her last name is...King)

    Diamonds are A Girl's Best Friend

    pick something kinda jazzy so u can work on getting the notes to stand out. good luck! don't be afraid to belt it. a lot of people will take people who will belt the song, even if they're just average

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    choose your favorite song or a song from their script and show how wonderfully talented u r!

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