I need to purchase a digital camera betweem $200 and $300. I have looked aroung and found these cameras.?

Here are the cameras:

Kodak Easyshare v570

Kodak Easyshare v603

Canon Powershotsd630

Canon Powershot sd600

Can you please tell me which camera, ou of those listed, is the best and why? If you do not like any of the cameras, please suggest one and why.

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    I would go for a Samsung.Digimax i6. It has mp3 player, video player, and a lithium battery that u dont need those batteries no more.

    The picture quality is superb!

    If you dont like that one, You will never like any other!

    look on bestbuys.com, you might find something better that i dont know, or that you will like better!

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    I work by selling cameras, I have experience with them all. Please take my advice....

    Ok depends on what your looking for your camera to do. The cameras you listed all are small point and shoots so I am going to assume that zoom is not a factor. It is my experience that the Canon takes a better picture. You can look up on Cnet and get user reviews for your self but the canon elf line takes excellent pictures.

    The Sd630 has a faster processer then the other cameras and so in between time from picture taking is short. The only downside is it has a large LCD and no view finder. It's going to drain your battery pretty fast and if your on a trip you won't have an option to turn the screen off and use a view finder.

    The best camera on the market right now is the SD 800is. It has this sweet focus capibility that holds a subjects face in focus the entire time. Very very smart camera. It would be hard to take a bad picture with this and good if you take pictures of little kids. Also it has a 3.8 optical zoom. It has CCD technology for crisp color pictures, 7.1 mega pixles... just the best camera on the market besides a DSLR. Normal price is 400 but best buy had it on sale last week for 349.00.

    Out of the list I would say get the SD 600. It takes really good pictures and is closer to 220. You can get a good sized memory card and an extended warrenty. all while staying under your 300 dollar max.

    the kodak V603 focus is very heavy weighted to the center. If you take an off center picture your going to find it blurred slightly. Also in a darker lighted situation the Kodak won't take as good of a picture as the canons. thats based on their apature and shutter speeds. The resolution of the V603 though is better then the Sd 600 630.

    my advice is get the Sd 800 is it is a great camera... spend a little bit more and get the best on the market, you'll be very greatful.

    First of all I'd like to touch upon someone else's answer. The Canon A620 is a good camera for someone who is into SLR's but can't afford it.... But the camera is not even close to the high quality of the SD600.

    For starters the A620 is made out of plastic. I'm not saying the SD 600 isn't but the SD600 doesn't feel like it.

    Also the A620 does not run on rechargable batteries. You will have to put new double AA batteries in every few hours. This is going to be more expensive in the long run.

    If you want to have more control of your camera buy an SLR, if not buy the SD800 or 600

    Also you can control some features like over exposure with the SD series.

    Also no one on a non professional level needs an ultra 3 memory card. Yes with the canons you can use the ultra 2 and get good quicker repsonces and faster inbetween picture time but the ultra 3 won't make a difference at the level those cameras are.

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    Get the Canon A630. The SD600 may be decent as a camera, but it doesn't have an optical viewfinder. Read my rant about that below.

    Consumer Reports for November 2006 has ranked the Canon Powershot A620 as the best compact digital camera. It is becoming almost a legend for longevity at the top of various consumer lists. It looks like this model has been replaced by the A630, which I would expect to be just as popular. The A640 appears quite similar and shares the "600" series numbering, so I guess it's just another upgraded version of the now-classic A620. It looks pretty much the same except for baing a 10 MP camera. The continuous drive is a little slower, but the files are larger, so that's no surprise. I own a few Nikon DSLR's and I'd buy the Canon A630 or A640 for myself.

    With this camera, you will find the memory card is a cute little token of thanks from Canon, but not much more. Buy a 1 GB Sandisk Ultra II or Extreme III card. You will NEED the increased capacity and write speed to fully realize the benefits of your camera.


    See also:


    where you can read user reviews. You will also see that the A620 got 4.5 stars and the SD600 got 4.0 stars. I see that the SD600 does not let you control the shutter speed or aperture, if you choose to, which the A630 does. Eventually, that might make a difference to you.

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    I have the Fuji S-series (sorry I don't know about the others) it's a very user friendly camera.

    It's a 4 meg camera that uses XD memory, I can also manually focus the camera. It has all the bells and whistle of a professional SLR and cost right around $300.

    Hope that helps.

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    I am using a Kodak Easyshare v603 and I am satisfied with it. It serves my needs very well. You can purchase the camera and docking station for approximately $200 Cdn. It all depends on your needs and what you will be using the camera for.

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    I would stay away from Kodak as I have always considered them a beginners camera or a toy.

    Cannon is a good choice. Check consumer reports for pluses and drawbacks of each model you listed here

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    This may not be a popular answer but it is one that will direct you to the best place to get professional evaluations of cameras so you can select one based on facts and not just personal preference.

    I used Steves digicams to review two cameras and purchased both.


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    on your budget, i think of you have made an astounding determination. Canon compact cameras have super photos and are properly-equipped. you will no longer discover plenty in terms of instruction manual settings, nonetheless. That is going for many all component-and-shoots. the only exception i will think of of is the Canon Powershot G9, yet it is $4 hundred. i'd bypass with the SD 850! in case you like slightly extra zoom, look at the SD890 IS. it is have been given 5x optical zoom; regardless of the undeniable fact that, it is pricier, retailing at $299 on Amazon.

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    Check out http://www.dpreview.com/

    I'm a Nikon man myself and would look at the Coolpix line.

    There should be some very good camera sales coming up, wait until Black Friday (Day after Thanksgiving) or check http://www.spoofee.com/ daily, they post new items at midnight eastern time.

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    ON My Yahoo today is a consumer reports on digital cameras.

    Check it out!!

    Or just go to the web site.

    The Canon 630 was rated well!

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