anyone know how to miter crown molding?

I have the mitre saw and the crown molding, "3 3/4.

I need to know how to set the mitre saw and the molding on the saw, for inside and outside corners, thanks

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    the easiest way to cut the molding is to lay it flat on your miter saw and cut the bevel both ways at 32.64 degrees there should be a stop on your saw for it. just be sure that you are getting the right angle before sawing you may have to flip it aroung a few different ways to get the right angles u need, unless your mitersaw is a dual bevel whuch means angles right or left. when cutting an outside corner the long point of the angle is at the top of the moulding and it bevels in longer on front then the back. Its the exact opposite for inside. The best thing to do is cut a couple small pieces about 12" long and experiment with those til you learn the trick to it. also if your corners are a bit out of square you will have to make small adjustments. again use scrap to get the right fit before cutting a whole piece.

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    I can show you in ten minutes, it will take me 45 to tell you. Go to a library, book store, home depot, or lowes and get a book on how to do it. Never consider that an angle in your house is 90 degrees, check them all, figure out how many degrees they are off, draw that angle out, 1/2 it if you are doing what seems to be a 90 degree, or figure out what ou are going is you are looking at a hexagonal or octagonal problem.

    Buy or rent a 16 gauge or 18 gauge nail gun. I would nail at the studs

    Test some of your cuts with small pieces before you start cutting up long stuff, at the price you paid for that, you could buy a house with it already done.

    The book will tell you that you have to make your cuts upside down and backwards. Might sound stupid, but that is the way it is.

    If you do not determine the angles, and thus the miters that you have to cut, your house will look like some wood butcher did it for you. You need to marry up the corners almost perfectly.

    As for coping - a coping saw is a small saw shaped like a D with a handle on it and has a fine tooth blade. On inside corners that might life more pleasant. The book will show you how to use on. screw up a couple of pieces before you attempt the real thing.

    First thing, however, take the combination blade off your saw and put a finer cut blade on it.

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    It seems hard but it is not. You must cut the miters upside down and reversed. Please try this with scraps first. The molding has to be set against the miter saw just as it will sit on the wall except upside down. When you do get comfortable cutting do the real piece. As an additional help do not nail the inside corners corners (stay back about 2-3 feet) and cut the adjoining piece slightly longer than needed. This will allow you to seat both pieces so your joints align better. When you make your cuts you will need to use a coping saw to remove the facing of the cut edge. This is called back cutting ( coping ). Play with the scrap pieces and you will see how this works.

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    If you look on the back of the molding you will find two flat spots where the molding rests against the ceiling and the wall. If you put the molding in the miter box with one flat on the bottom and the other flat on the side wall this is how it will be when put in place. Just hold like this and cut 45 degree for 90 degree corners or adjust to fit.

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    The first thing is determine the distance the outside of top edge of the crown sits away from the wall. For 3-3/4" crown it may be around 1-1/2", but it depends on the profile. You can use a combination square to act as the wall and ceiling. Say it is 1-1/2". I then nail a piece of scrap of base to my miter saw stand, 1-1/2" from the fence. Note the distance from the bottom of the crown against the fence to the base of the saw. When you cut, imagine the base is the ceiling and the fence is the wall. Therefore, you are cutting upside down. Then miter outside corners at 45 degrees. Inside corners are coped just like baseboard. Cut one end square, and cut the other end 45, and cope. Assuming the walls are 90 degrees. If the walls are 45 set the saw on 22.5 degrees. Then you pop a line on the wall, the distance down from the ceiling you noted from base of the saw to bottom edge of the crown on the fence. That is the bottom of the crown on the wall.

    Just remember when you cut crown upside, up is now down, right is now left. If you are cutting the left side, because it is upside down, you are cutting the right end upside down in the saw. Take your time, be patient, and think it through.

    Good luck

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    You set the miter for 45 degres. Then its just a matter of putting the molding in the correct way for inside or outside cuts

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    You have to do a compound miter cut!!...

    Many miter saws do not have this ability. If your saw has that ability I would suggest getting someone to show you as it is complicated.

    We gave up trying and had someone show us.

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    if you dont have a compount miter saw (that can cut 45deg. horizontally and vertically at the same time) then you will need a simple jig to hold the wood at a 45 deg. angle while the saw blade is also turned 45deg.

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    maybe i can help with this one....

    A corner is 90 Deg therfore, you would want to make your cut set a 45,,,,,inside corners you should cut to the face side and outside corners should be to the back,

    make sure you measure for the cut to to the face of the board

    note: imperfections in you corners not being truely square can effect the outcome

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    OR if you are having trouble making the cuts they have the nify no mitre corners available at lowes and home depot that will allow a nice finished look with out all the hassle.

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