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my brother pulled my gerbils tail!!!!?

wat do i do? puut a band-aid or wat put alchohal?!!

hurry its bleeding

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    Good im glacd you got a gerbil i have been looking at all your questions from when u wanted a hamster. anyway put a clean soft cloth over it for the moment and take it to the vet immediatly. Put in a container with air holes and cloth on the bottom maybe some bedding. The vet will know what to do with your poor gerbil. Goodluck!!! hope its okay!

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    Get it to the vet. Don't put alcohol on it. It will make the bleeding worse. Put a piece of cloth prolly around it to help the bleeding for awhile until you get to the vet.

  • ronnny
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    Forget the vet. Put super glue on the bleeding. May have to hold a rag on it for a few minutes first. Alcohol burns don't do that.

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    take it to the vet, put a cotton ball and band aid around it till then maybe it will stop the bleeding or at least slow it........

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  • 1 decade ago

    take it to the vet or at least call the vet for advice if there isnt a small animal vet near u

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    Take the gerbil to the vet.

    Then pull your brother's ear and ask him how he likes it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Take it to the vets now!!!

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