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How much does it cost per tooth for an implant ?

My family is sponsoring a studen from Africa...she lost 3 teeth 10 years ago...is it possible to give her implants event though its been 8 years since she lost them...(implants not dentures)?

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    Yes, it is possible-if the teeth that are beside the teeth to be replaced haven't shifted into the empty space. It would also depend on the condition of the bone--there are alot of things involved in getting an implant--go talk to an oral surgeon and get their opinion.

    I worked for an oral surgeon who did implants and they were around $1500.00 just for the implant--that does not include general anesthesia (if the patient would like to go to sleep to have the work done) or the permanent crown. You would have to go back to your regular dentist for the crown, and they are around $700-1000 each ( depends on your location). Most of the time implants are not covered under your dental insurance, as they are not the only option, more of a cosmetic choice. I hope this helps.

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    depends if you have more than one at a time done. the ost of one at least where i live, dallas, is about 1200-1500 a tooth. hope this helps

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    My dentist charged me $1800.00 for one implant.

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    $1k or so each....

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