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What is the initial cost of getting an English bulldog puppy.?

I know that puppies go for around 2000 and up, but what do would i need to bring it home. Food crate bed toys vet bills? I want to be fully prepared so i can save up the money.

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    Bulldogs can make excellent pets. Considering you are prepared to be an excellent owner. All breeds have different needs. If you're positive this is the breed for you then I'd contact a breeder and ask them how much you'd honestly be looking at for raising a Bulldog.

    Bulldogs tend to be prone to several health problems (skin/respiratory/joint/etc) Make sure you buy from a reputable breeder that has done the appropriate testing of her breeding stock. Of course you can never prevent all health problems so I'd suggest researching pet insurance.

    As for some of the costs you'd be looking at "upfront":

    -Crate $100+

    -food/water bowls $15 each

    -kennel (if it's going to be outside occasionally) $100-200

    -collar $10-20

    -lead/harness $20

    -A good quality food (the breeder should give you a puppy pack it's up to you if you want to stick with the food she's provided just remember to change it gradually if you do decide to change it)

    -dog bed $50-100

    - health check from a vet within the first few days of bringing your puppy home.

    -toys approx. $50

    - puppy training classes (these generally go from 8-16 weeks of age)

    -Puppy toilet training Pads

    -Puppy shampoo

    - a grooming mit (or something like a Zoom Groom)

    I'm not in the U.S so I don't know how much some of these things cost :)

    Hope that helps!


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    I had one, they are high maintenance! Spent about $600 on Vet bills the first 6 months. It was always something. He was stupid, wouldn't mind, tore up everything...The only thing he was good for was to laugh at occasionally....Ended up giving him away. Lost about 2 grand on it...One of the worst investments I ever made. I'm not saying that they are all that way, just my experience. And don't think it was just me, I raised champion Dobies for 25 years....If you get one ...Good Luck !

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