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This is common to have ... right?

So I've been getting REALLY bad headaches for a couple of years now. Its started affecting my sinuses for the last couple of months, but generally they're just migraines. But I get them really frequently -- sometimes to the point I can't get out of bed in the morning and stay home from classes. My mom suggested getting a CAT scan -- but I think she was joking. They don't understand how much in pain I really am when these happen. Does anyone know what might cause these? I've tried everything from pain killers to dumb home remedies. Excedrin, Advil, and Tylonel don't even work for me anymore I've used them so often -- which isn't that healthy I know. But it's the only thing that'll make my migraine at the time go away for a bit.

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    I would think if you are in that much pain you'd seek out some professional help. No it is not comon to have these very bad headaches with all the other problems your mention.

    All those pain killers you mentioned that you've been downing have also been killing your kidneys, not to mention affecting other organs too.

    The first thing I would suggest is a complete physical to rule out anything other than migranes. Next go to a doctor that specializes in migranes (yes, they are out there). You may have to go for a CAT scan and other tests too. I also suggest that you see a naturopath to see what natural suppliment may help.

    To get you moving on this, let me say the worst case senario could be a bain tumor, the least stress. Make an appointment on Monday and take care of this. Why are you waiting, your health is the most important thing you own.

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    I wouldn't necessarily jump straight to a cat scan. Go to the doctor and see if he can help you figure out the cause. It could be caused by monthly hormonal fluctuations, medications like birth control pills, or it could be caused by something more serious (neruological or other) that a cat scan could detect. Either way, there is no need to continue to suffer. There is most likely a medication that would help you much more than the over the counter stuff.

    Source(s): Me. A migraine sufferer
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    You should make an appointment to see a neurologist (an MD who specializes in the nervous system, including headaches).

    You should not have to hurt like that, and your mother's flip comment gives you some idea of how much help you're going to get there.

    Lots of prescription medicines are available for migraine sufferers, and a neurologist can help.

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    you DO need a Cat Scan! You need to find out if it's just sinus. It may be related only to sinus/allergy and your taking migrain meds.. You may not have ever had a "migrain" in your life. A good sinus problem is worse.. The meds your taking won't tuch a sinus headache. GO SEE A ENT DR. ASAP!

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    Hun,there is a new spray on the market for migraines,ask your Dr about it

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    try Bayer Aspirin 500 mg it have a strong antiinflamatory effect

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