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Is the cancelation of "Huff" simply a publicity stunt? Or is Showtime just stupid?

The best show on TV possibly ever and it gets canled after an emmy award winning season. The characters were all incredible in their own right and seemed to be talored made for each actor.


Classy lady there.

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  • LORD Z
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    It is all about the benjamins. They can't afford to pay for these greeat ensembles they put together and so all the shows are falling apart. Actors are tired of getting paid less for the artistic freedom they receive with cable. DeadWood, Dead Like Me, Entourage, Huff and the Sopranos are all going down to the salary wars. Ari is holding out for more cash on Entourage. Big Love will most likely be the next show to need more money.

  • Joshua
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    1 decade ago

    I'm afraid Showtime has just been stupid in cancelling "Huff".

    I thought it served them right when this year Blythe Danner got her second Emmy in a row for her role of "Izzy".

    I liked it when she said : "I guess I'm supposed to thank Showtime even though they've canceled us,'' said Danner in her acceptance speech. ``They're nice guys. They couldn't help it, I guess.''

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    Good question. I liked that show a lot. Now I just watch Brothers and Sisters for my family drama fix. I have always found Sally Field fascinating.

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    Showtime is stupid. Same reason why they cancelled "Dead Like Me" which is no good reason.

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