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How do you download songs using windows media player 9?

my brother said it is possible..don't know how to though.

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    i'm afraid it's not possible, windows media player only plays music and videos - it doesn't (permanently) download it.

    you can play streaming audio from a website in windows media player such as from a radio station's live stream but this isn't downloaded - it's played live, once you close media player it's gone.

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    Windows Media Player is not a peer to peer program. Remember downloading songs is still illegal unless you go to a sight to pay to download. Believe me Microsoft is not going to let you download songs for free. Microsoft only thinks about money. All you can do is play the music you already have.

  • depends on whether the file is streamed or opened, if its a stream then its merely linked to the url file on a server, if its opened then the file resides in a temporary folder and those can be saved to the on file then look for "save as" if its greyed out you can't "download" it but if its not you should be able to save the file. Now keep in mind that some of the "save as" files are going to save the information for the linked file and not the file itself so it totally depends on how the file is being opened in the first place and how the publisher of the file is getting it to you.

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