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Mom with more than one child......?

I am 33 weeks with my second child which is a girl, the first was a boy. But this little girl is such a mover in my belly. More than the boy ever was. SO if you experienced this what was the difference when born. My boy was very easy and slept thru the night at 6 weeks and I never had a problem with him. Is she going to be the complete opposite???

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    I also had to first my son he was 8.13 born and hardly ever moved hard labor I guess being the first, then came my daughter I swear she did cart wheels in my belly, the birth was easier she weight 9.5 though my son never slept though the night up every 2 -3 hrs now my daughter slept all might since the day I brought her home..but she never sits down now ( she is 5) she is always on the go go go . I would have rather her not sleep through out the night and now be calm and relaxed. Somethimes I think she might have that thing ADD or something.....but gotta love them both which I really do. Seem like a day or even an hour never goes by without something they do I need to yell at them for....but I hope you all the best and Im sure it will all turn out well

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    Never know she might be the same. Both my pregnancys my daughter moved alot and so does this one. On the other hand my daughter was born and didnt cry. She never fussed complained only cried when she was hungry. She was awake during the day and slept all through the night which was a god send. This one i have no idea im just happy that i am going to be having another one. I think if its different its different a new experience.

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    Fetal movement isn't necessarily an indicator of how the baby will behave once she's brought into the world. My son was SOOO active, and he was the best little baby you could imagine. He never cried, and slept through the night when I brought him home from the hospital.

    You never know what you're going to get, though, until the baby is born. Your little girl could be as good as your son, or could have colic. You just never know.

    Congrats on the new baby girl!

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    When I was pregnant with my son , he's now 7 he constantly kicked and moved all the time.He was a sleeper too when he was born.He started sleeping through the night at 3 weks old.My daughter who is now 3 hardly ever kicked or moved while I was pregnant and still gets up in the night.I'm pregnant with our 3rd and so far this baby does cartwheels. lol They all different and so are the pregnancys.Good Luck and congrats.

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    it is not necessary

    girls are known to be more active in the bellies than boys but i have a 6 week old girl who wakes up only once in the night for feeding and sleeps quickly again.

    so don't worry just give her a quite surrounding

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    Wow! Congrats on the new "girl" in your life.

    Hope this holiday season is wonderful for you all.

    I too have a boy- and we hope to adopt a little girl this time next year 2007.

    Best Wishes

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    In a way, maybe. But also, since this is your second pregnancy, your body is more intuned to the kicking and mvement of the baby. During my second pregnancy, the baby was alot more active than the first. However, our second child is alot more calmer than our first.

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    my oldest daughter seldom moved. i used to panick thinking she had died. very peaceful, content baby. my middle daughter moved non-stop. she used to keep me awake with her kicking. she was a fussy, colicky baby. my third daughter seldom moved...again a stressful time because i kept thinking she died! she was a peaceful, content baby. let me add that with my middle daughter, the colic may be contributed to the fact her father beat me throughout the pregnancy.

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