what are the real causes of suicide?

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    Depression, lack of hope, helplessness, and lack of faith. If most people become depressed, they have the hope that things will get better. A person that has lost that hope can be suicidal. I worked a suicide hotline for a few years in college. Peer counseling. To inject that hope back into their lives is a big step upward. A lack of faith is also a big contributor. I've had low points in my life from which I have been delivered in a miraculous way. I believe in God and that He knows what He's doing. I also believe that, as bad as things may be, there is always tomorrow and always hope that everything will turn around. As for the helplessness, if a suicidal person can form a plan to better their situation, they achieve the hope again.

    If you are asking because you are suicidal, please go talk to someone NOW. It's never too late . . .

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    Suicide is the ultimate selfishness. The person cares only that they cease to live for whatever the reason. They disregard everyone they leave behind, the grieving parents, the spouse and children who adored them, the siblings who loved them, the friends who cared for them, and the community their death effected. Lets not mention the expense. Funerals can cost thousands. And for what? A boyfriend or girlfriend who ditched them? Overwhelming bills? The spouse they caught cheating? The cause? Weakness. Cowardice. Selfishness. No wonder its illegal.

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    suicide is a result of extreme frustration and exaustion..the people who suicide are mostly those people who are frustrated with their lives any work they do that work get spoiled any type of job they do they get fierd nothing goes the way they want it to go....it very tough to live life for those people when anything doesnt go the way they want it to go..And the other cause is when somebody is not able to achieve something in his life which mean very much to him he get very exausted and suicide..

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    depression ofcourse ..

    when I was 17 I had a bf and after we broke up I decided to talk to him again .He rejected my call..I was depressed for several weeks and him doing that made me feel hopeless and unwanted .I was alone at home ,I decided to commit suicide but I wasnt brave enough .now i am glad i didnt ,I just wanted to say that it comes to depressed ppl minds that life is empty and they want to commit suicide but mostly regret .Some regret on time but for others it is a bit late.

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    Being stuck in a situation in your life - where you don't want to be - and seeing no other possible way out of - and finding lack of support where you thought you had a support system.

    Frustration, depression, lack of motivation, hopelessness.

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    I think some people feel that there is no way out of a situation and do it. They don't realize that they can't do it, wake up, and start over.

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    the real causes are that teenagers has caused up stress and kill themselves.adults,they kill tmselves because of family problems,stress and others

  • Anna D
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    the one ultimate cause; depression.

    everything else are mere triggers and reasons that culminate over time, leading to depression.

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