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I need the title and artist pls.?

I think the song was the Bucaneer.

Lyrics went something like

"The bucaneer said ill see youdead,

ill see you hanging from the yardarm"

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    (Mike & Tully McCullagh)

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    (Mike & Tully McCullagh)

    The McCully Workshop - 1977

    Well they got me on the beach

    And we were just out of reach

    Of the forty-second squadron

    When I heard the captain screech

    Get down on the sand

    Don't you waste my time

    'Cause I gotta get that gold

    And sail for England on the tide

    And the Buccaneer said I'll see you dead

    I'll see you swingin' from the yard arm

    The buccaneer sang in a nasal twang

    There's enough gold here to start on

    There's enough gold to get high on

    Save me! Whoa, oh, oh, sa-aave me

    Save me fro-o-om

    The Buccaneer

    Hope that helps :D

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