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when can i breed my pug?

pud dog breeding at time of yer.

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    You sound like a winner. Should make a fine BYB!

  • aussie
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    There are a lot of thing to consider when breeding a dog such as health issues for the mother and the father that can be passed on to the puppies. Breeding dogs is a big responsibility that should be left to the professionals who will asses all the aspects of breeding. Breeding is not something you do for the fun of it as you are dealing with life and you should be wanting to get the best possible puppies you can get which takes a lot of research. You seem to know nothing of breeding or you would not ask this question. Leave the breeding to those who know what they are doing please

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    Breeding a dog is a serious undertaking. Most reputable breeders won't even give you full papers until after your puppy has been spayed or neutered. They do that for a reason. There's a lot more involved than just knowing what "time of yer" to do it.

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    Don't breed your pug. Like the world needs anymore dogs in it. DO you not realize how many dogs don't have homes out there?? I hate people that just use animals to make money.

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    It is usually best to wait till they are around a year of age, it you do it earlier sometimes their body it not quite ready for this. One year of age or older is safer for the dog, good luck

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