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What do you wear under boardshorts?

I've heard that some people wear boxers or even a bathing suit underneath. Why don't boardshorts have that mesh lining like bathing suits? So you wear a different combination when swimming or just hanging around...?

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    When in water, I don't wear anything under because then it just gets soaked and really heavy..

    But when hanging around, I wear boxers because if it rides down, I wouldn't want anyone to see anything they wouldn't like.

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    I wear nothing and buy the right size of boardshorts knowing this. Because I buy boardshorts to fit, they don't droop down and show off the goods. Also, like a previous poster said, boxers just get heavy when they get wet and when I'm surfing they tend to keep riding up. The only bad times are if I don't close the front flap fully and some of that velcro is exposed in the front. That doesn't feel good if you know what I mean.

  • slape
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    Seeing the variety you're a girl (i.e. Amy Amy) i will respond to this for my section. I placed on a bikini backside under board shorts for on an identical time as i circulate boogie boarding or skimming, so I truthfully have have been on condition that greater effective coverage interior the adventure that they slide down. additionally, I often finally finally end up taking them off on an identical time as i'm swimming contained interior the sea or sitting on the coastline. Board shorts at the instant are not precisely meant to be worn without bikini backside through fact they're guy made similar to pants with a seam that could desire to nicely be uncomfortable with out them.

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    Most of the people wear boxers under the board shorts around here. (Long Island, New York)

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    simply NOTHING..

    Briefs and boxers get in ur way, whether it's for casual or swimming. Anyway, if you're feeling weird, it's better to have a brief on.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i wear nothing.

    i dont like undies or boxers.

    Just the pants, unless they have a zipper then yeah a pair of boxer briefs

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