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how long dose it take for budiges eggs to hatch? how many eggs can they lay?

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    Budgies eggs should hatch 18 days after they are laid. There are occasions that it takes 19-20 days, but these are quite rare.

    They will lay an egg, and then another two days later, and so on and so forth till they have all the eggs in the clutch.

    Usually they will lay 5-10 eggs, each egg will hatch at two day intervals, and generally during the early morning.

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    usually it takes 30 days from the time it is layed, you mark your calender on the day it was layed, a bird usually lays one every three days and it varys as to how many are layed some times three sometimes five or more.

    Source(s): I have had birds that have layed up to thirteen eggs at a time, but they don't usually all hatch.
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