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what do u think about this.......?

im 16 and im sleeping with this guy. he is 35 (he looks like 25, he is really hot n fit) and he is kind of a little married. but i really like him. i dont want him to leave his wife or anything like that. but i really like him and our relationship is grate. we go out, enjoy, have the most WOW s.e.x. and i can really talk 2 him about everything.

my Q is what do u think about this and should i continue it


by the wayi love him

Update 2:

ans he said that he would leave his wife right now if i tell him 2

Update 3:

he doesnt have any kids, his wife is a ***** that maried him only for money and they dont live together. and i dont like guys my age cuz they are stupid and nobody understands me

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    Kind of a little married?

    You are married or you're not.

    He is.

    Can he go to jail for having sex with you?


    Will it destroy his marriage.

    Sure thing.

    So, back off unless you want to see him in prison.

    And if he has any kids, you could ruin their lives too with the divorce.

  • Shayna
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    '. . .kind of a little married. . .'? There is no such thing. You either are or you aren't. You shouldn't be sleeping with this man. Break off the relationship now. He's disrespecting his family and his marriage, and I assure you that he's not with you because he loves you. This is just plain gross.

    He'll leave his wife if you tell him to? And what about when the next little 16 year old comes along. Will he leave his new wife (you) for the next one? Most likely, and if you think he wouldn't, then honey you are being just plain dumb.

    How do you know his wife is a b*tch? Have you met her? Talked to her? If you haven't, you only know what he's telling you, and that is most likely a bunch of lies. Cheaters will say anything to justify their actions. And even if they aren't living together, he is STILL married. And you are STILL 16.

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    You should be in school! What makes you the way you are? you will find out sooner that this is only short term and when school's will have a lot more years to go, girl, so take time and enjoy your teen years while the going is good....and don't grow up too fast...this guy is happy the way things are and I doubt if he has any reason to leave his wife either! after all he has the best of both worlds!Alternately, how would you feel, if you had a husband who did this to you the way you are doing right now? Sounds like you are looking for a substitute to fill the void that you need...someone to relate to....

    Whatever happened to your parents that you can confide in...or your friends.....through thick or assure that they will be there for you ...not this guy....

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    When I first read this the, the bottom part I thought it read "my IQ is what do u think---" I will respond with very low as that of a 50-60. First the age difference, second he is married and third you are going to cause trouble with his marriage. Everyone gets discovered in the end. He is using you as a side dish and I can't hold this against him since you put it out he is going to take it. That is what men do. Swim in the opposite direction just as fast as you can, you are way over your head in dirty water and about to go down for the third time.

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    You are all kinds of messed up. You can get this dude in a lot of trouble if you are 16. Think about, it this dude is over twice your age plus you are not even legal yet. And you are ruining a marriage. This guy is a douche bag, he cheats on his wife with a 16 year old. What makes you think that if you two do get together that he wont cheat on you? He is already doing it to his wife who he supposedly loves. Think about what you are doing first.

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    Stop it right now. You are doing a disservice to yourself and to his family. This man is clearly using you for one things only is taking a complete disregard for his wife and family.Why would you want someone like that? He is a cheat,liar and a manipulator. You are very young and impressionable and he is clearly taking an advantage of you. Break it off now, before anyone gets hurt. Besides, in some places it'll illegal!

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    No you should stop now. Why would you as young as you are tie yourself down with an older man? He is a cheater and a liar. You can not be kind of a little married. You are married or not. If I was your mother I would report him to the police.

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    You must not love him too much. your going to get him locked up. And it will probably have nothing to do with the two of you, if his wife finds out she will either call your parents or the police and he'll get locked up for statutory rape. Same difference if your parents find out. You will have nothing to say about it. Because your under 18 (unless you live in Holland) your parents and the state can charge him with Statutory rape and no matter how much you say you love him, or that you don't want him to get in trouble, too bad not your call. So you need to think about that. if you were 18 I would say that that's great, but it's his problem if he's married not yours, but if his wife finds out, he will probably dump you for her because if he doesn't, he'll be broke, homeless and childless...if he has any kids.

    But i'm available! ;D

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    Sounds like you have no consideration for the moral implications of marriage..... This man is married... took a vow to someone..

    and he is doing this to them... Would you really want to be with a shallow, irresponsible cheater who can't be trusted?????

    You are no better than he... you have crossed the line of decency.....

    He is 35 not what you have convinced yourself "looks like 25" hot body, come on, wake up, how old are you????

    Find someone your own age and stop destroying marriages, cause that is what is going to happen like it or not.. If you do this once, you will do it again.

  • Well I think you know the answer to this question already dear.

    Listen, after all the answers you're just gonna do whatever you want anyways, but eventually what goes around comes around. One day when you are 'happily' married and settled down, the exact same thing will happen to you. That's usually how it goes!

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