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I am getting a digital camera for christmas, now I have to choose one. Help me?

Ok so my parents wanted to know what they shud get us for christmas in advance. i thought about it and decided that i wanted a digital camera, because i rly rly like photography and all. anyways, they told me it was a great idea, and they told me to think about what kind id like. i just want one, it doesnt have to be super professional. it shud be small, cute (maybe a nice color) take nice pics, have soom, have a nice screen... i just need a few ideas, the cost doesnt matter right now because i just need ideas! What is your fav. camera?


i like canon and samsung and some others, but it doesnt have to be one of them, it can be any brand... wats ur fav. camera 'brand'?

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    We just bought a canon A530 power shot, and it's really great, and only cost $150. Our son is a professional photographer, and he loves it too. Due yourself a favor and check it out.

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    Forget about pixel Res.

    Thats your first point of call.

    These camereas with 10 / 12 million are a waste as you cant print that high, and the human gives up res at about 5 million anyway.

    I bought loads of cheap and nasty cameras only to bin them.

    I have had 3 Sony Cybershot Dig Cameras now, and dont think i will ever go to any other brand.

    There close up work (macro) is amazing.

    Hope this is some help to you.

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    I got one from Wally World ( aka Walmart) that was Kodak. I dont remember which type but kodak cameras usually take great pictures and have cool extras.

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    i could extremely get the cellular telephone if it has a sturdy digicam on it with the aid of fact in any different case i could probable on no account finally end up carrying the digicam around besides and easily apply it to particular occations, the place the cellular telephone i could use every day. yet I even have 2 sons and daughters.

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    god I hate tech shopping!!! I'm like all excited cause I get the 6 megapix and then the next month there's the 7 megapix for like $50 less than I paid for the 6!!!!!!!!

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    Surf for the better ones like consumer reports website.

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    i have an olympus, which make good pocket digi cameras. find a style that u lyk, then look at comments that peepl made who hav this camera, and then its up to you!

    go to:

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    mine's canon.. actually i've 2 digicams but i gave d 1st one 2 my bby sis since she asked 4 it. they're both canon

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    I use Sony

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