I have a pulled muscle! Needs to be healed by tomorrow! Please help!?

I know this doesn't sound too possible, but here we go. I have had this pulled muscle that has been bothering me all year. I've been playing basketball in a Church league and I hurt it early in the season. It's right in my hip. It hurts after every game and every practice, and it usually starts hurting halfway through the game or practice. It stops hurting the next day until I start playing again for a while. Last night I put heat a heat pad on it for 2 hours and then put 3 layers of that muscle pain healing stuff on before I went to bed. I need my muscle to be healed by tomorrow because I have Junior Varsity Basketball Tryouts, and I have to be at 100% to even make the team. Can anyone tell me what I could do to heal it before then, or at least reduce the pain while I play. Thanks alot, and God Bless!

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    for pulled muscles I think you need to heat it then ice it off and on...but thats the only thing I can think of...good luck

  • dubuc
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    That pulled muscle isn't going to heal up in a single day--and your coaches are performing like idiots in the event that they count on you to run or bounce on pressure fractures. They are hanging themselves and YOU in jeopardy in the event that they inform you to run--and I might defiinitely file this for your father and mother. It's ridiculous to make you do that whilst you are injured--and in the event that they do, they are now not best being dull, they are breaking the LAW. If you run this meet, you'll be able to discover that you've broken anything so much worse--and it would result in surgical procedure, hospitalization, remedy, and years of distress. Repeated pulled muscle mass don't seem to be anything you will have to be experiencing jogging monitor--and if you're, there is anything flawed. Tell your father and mother, or a different grownup--and DO NOT RUN. Heal the ones tears now--or you'll be able to endure extra later.

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    well you cant heal it overnight, I assure you of that, but my son is a runner who has had alot of muscle injuries and still needs to run, so here is what we do. We make sure to dose him with plenty of anti-inflamatories like Ibprofin, make sure the day before he stays resting as much as possible , except your normal stretches as ll athletes do, drink as many fluids as possible to slow down the effects of acids on the muscles when you sweat, that is the best advise i can give you hope it helps and you make your team Good Luck

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    I use BenGay or TigerBalm on the sore area, and take Advil before bed. Usually does the trick.

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  • Pearl
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    I'm not a doctor, but soaking in Epsom Salt may help. Good luck and I'll be praying for you.

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    well im not that athletic myself, but when sometin starts hurting me, i just play back a song that is stuck in my head, and voila

  • go sit in some Hot water and relax.

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