Whjat is the meaning of "edge of your seat thriller" in this sentence?

Little wonder then that the New York Times critic, Stephen Holden, normally such a fastidious reviewer, exulted: ``It is an utterly gripping, edge-of- your- seat thriller.

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    He means that the story he's reviewing is so enthralling and intense that you get caught up in it as if you're living the moment in the story and you literally sit on the edge of your seat as if you're prepared to get up quickly and jump right in to the action (or run away if it's too scary).

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    "Sitting at the edge of your seat thriller" means a film that has you so caught up in it and so involved in the characters that they had you sitting at the edge of your seat waiting with bated breath to see what happened next!

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    It is when the movie, story is so scary that without realizing it, it has you sitting on the edge of your seat.

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    "edge of your seat thriller" means it's...just a thriller! It's exciting, suspenseful, action packed and is just plain exciting. edge of your seat just means that it's really exciting

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