her family, especially her mother hates me, what should i do?

my girlfriends mother hates me just when she knew about me and her daughter having a relationship. She is blaming me for everything. That i turned her daughter into a lesbian and somehow ruined her future. My gf is older than me and is on the right age to get married. Her mother is pushing her to get married and her ex(which is a guy) is asking her out and she has no choice but to go out with him. And just the thought of it is killing me. They already had an arguement with her mom about our relationship. I know she fought for me,.. for us but then, i still dont know what to do. She still lives with her parents and i still do too. Any advice? please help.. what should i do?

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    If you two really love each other, get her out of there. Stick by each other. This is a very tough time in your relationship, but together you two can make it work. You two have to choose whether you're going to let them break you up or not.

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    I have been in your shoes. I will really do you know good to battle your gf's mother. All you can do is to continue being a good person and see if the mother comes around. My ex's mother accused me of turning her daughter gay too. Unfortunately, we eventually broke up and her daughter (many women later) is still gay.

    Just be happy with your girl friend and try not to let the mother affect your relationship. I know it's hard.

    Good luck.

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    If she really cares you should let her decide what she wants to do. about her parent you are in love with her not the parent so don't pay attention what they think about you love the person and hope for the best. It seem your both old enough to get a place together maybe or maybe not think about it.

    One question Im curious how does it feel to be with a girl?

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    Ask ur gf not to argue anymore w her family. this will only make them hav bad impression abt both of u!! Have a nice talk to tell them wat she n u really wan. U shall tell ur gf how hurting n insecure u feel when she still goes out w/ her ex. Talk thgs over CALMLY!Since she 's old enough now, she has her rite to chose her own happiness, n chose not to listen to ppl to stil goes out w/ her ex. U try to be nice to her family also, despite how they look at u. Give e both of u n her family MORE time to slowly accept n get thgs rite, give more time to safe $$$ n maybe later, both of u can move out to live on own. Be grateful she fought for u n not feel bad abt it. Be strong cos true love can withstand all barriers.

    All the best!!

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    She didn't ahve to go out with her ex, no excuses... first off... and second, who gives a flying f*ck what they think? If they would rather see her unhappy with a man than happy with a woman, then they need to worry about it and not you. My gf's family hated me at first, and I just kept going over there and treating them with respect, and after a few moths, they realized I'm not going anywhere and now her mom lies to her ex about her being home so she doesn't ahve to talk to him. My situation was mirror to yours, but I just stuck with it, ans so did she and now we're happy and free to do what we want.

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    you cant control how people feel about you, but no one "has" to go out with anyone else. If your sig other isnt strong enough to resist the pressure not much you can do, esp since you both live with your parents.

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    there are nothing you can do to make someone like you.

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