Does anyone have a christmas placemat idea for church?

I'm looking for a christmas placemat craft idea for church. Such as using the hands to paint or anything like that. We will be using the placemats for a senior breakfast. Anything other than using old christmas cards, I have that one. Maybe something about the birth of Christ, angels, pictures and scriptures, etc. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, vmitch

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    1 decade ago
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    Go to Salvation Army or some such place, buy a white, light blue, or creme placemat (if you know how to make them, just buy material and sew.

    Find a Christmas fabric with a manger scene, cut out the parts you like and using iron fabric attached those parts to the placemat. You could also trim with gold or silver rick-rack tape.

    You could also trace pictures from coloring books and fabric paint them.

    I guess a lot depends on how many you need and if this a group effort or you are doing it alone. If it's a group it would be a great project for Sunday School classes.

    Whatever you do, I know the breakfast will be a great success and the seniors will really enjoy it. You could have a door prize for the place mat of their choice.

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    1 decade ago

    try garden ridge

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