How do you hang items on a plaster wall?

I am trying to hang some small shelfs on walls of plaster and concerned that I will damage them from weight of shelfs

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    1 decade ago
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    In quality old homes that used plaster walls, they used a "picture rail" secured perhaps a foot or so from the ceiling (depending on ceiling height of course.) Then the pictures and things were suspended from wires that hooked over the top of the picture rail.

    The pictures could be moved by simply sliding the wires and hooks down the rail or by unhooking and re-hooking. this kept the plaster wall pristine for generations. Consider substituting standing shelves to protect the walls.

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    I have a new home and I was very worried about using anything at all but I tried drilling some holes and I bought small hollow wall anchors and used them. They work great and if I take them out I can just fill in the hole lightly sand it and you can even tell it was there.

  • WC
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    1 decade ago

    Drill holes and use plastic wall anchors in the screw holes.

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