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should obese people pay more for health care...the 'for' argument...please help?

im doing a debate on tuesday and i need some points on why obese people should have to pay MORE for their health care...e.g why should we have to pay for their care...they spongue off the NHS and pay the same ammount in taxes although they need more care...ect. please help


and anyone who is saying im mean well im not coz i dont agree with what im trying to debate thats why i NEED your help! PLEASE!

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    I don't believe in doing this at all, however, I can help you with your debate class.

    Since 1987, costs for obesity related conditions have skyrocketed. It costs a LOT of money to insure an obese person with their related conditions of diabetes, joint problems, heart issues due to strain from too much body weight, etc. You could argue that since they cost more to insure, they should pay more. You could say that smokers have to pay more, so the overweight who have an equal number of health problems should have to pay more as well. You can say they are knowingly harming their bodies, and they can do something to fix it.

    I have some sources listed below for you to get you started.

    Hey everybody, lay off this girl...debate classes often don't let you chose the topic or which side you take.

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    I don't agree with this however you need help with the pros so this will be your position;

    If your driving a car and your because of inexperience your paying a higher rate= more car accident etc.

    When your obese your at a higher rate for =heart attacks diabettes etc.

    Insurance companies are in the business to make money! They are not going to take a loss. If they did they would go belly up. So all these people who are just time bombs ready to go off health wise. There will be increasing the cost of insurance across the board. Also the a comparation to fine the rate of health insurance going up to the obesity rate going up.

    If they say will that means people with cancer etc should have their rates go up too. That's why you need to come back with people with cancer didn't eat the cancer knowing it might give them cancer.

    I hope this helps ! I don't agree with it! But it's the only I can thing of on the side you need to be on.

    Remember to check to see the rate of obesity compare it to the rate of healthcare going up. Go back five years on both counts

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    okay if people who are obese have to pay more for health care, people who smoke, drink alcohol, do extreme sports, ride a motorcycle, live in NY, Chicago, Houston or LA (b/c these are determined to be dangerous cities), if your job puts you in a dangerous situation on a regular basis.

    All of these other things also put you at risk for being in the hospital more or requiring medical care - if you get cancer from smoking or cirrohsis of the liver for drinking - do you know how much a liver transplant is? A heck of alot more than gastic by pass - by ten of thousands.

    I am not overweight, but I have a friend who weighs almost 300 pounds - I believe she needs the surgery, but she is never sick - she is the best and most dedicated volunteer at the school with about 25-30 hours a week.

    Good luck on your'll need it.

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    This, my pal, opens the door to many extra regulations. What approximately people who have been given an infection by way of fact of a piercing? no person says you had to get a piercing. What approximately people who drink alcohol, people who paint homes as a residing, people who're in consistent touch with chlorine, people who've a good number of hypersensitive reactions, etc.

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    1st - I dont think they should just because they are obese does not mean they or more or less healthy then the next

    2nd - when debating, to thouroughly gain all your points for the side of argument you are debating, make sure you know the opponents points so you can have your rebuttals.

    3rd - they should pay more because they might take a lot more time to deal with then normal

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    they are saying that peoples that are obese are costing health care more money because they have so many medical problems which is being past down to the tax payer.

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    There are also thin people who are ill and need an unusually high amount of medical care. Do you want to make them pay higher for their care, too? My mother was thin, and in good health till she got cancer. She lived, and fought it, for 7 years. Her medical bill was over $400,000. Do you begrudge her this, too?

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    What money lardies take out of the economy through health care they put back in with all the pie and cake they buy.

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    health care should not be increased for one person because of weight or medical conditions, even though it still is most of the time

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    I think anything a person does that is KNOWINGLY harmfull to their health, they should have to pay for for healthcare:

    smokers, drinkers, obese people, drug abusers...etc.

    if you KNOWINGLY ingest something that is harmfull to your health, you should have to pay for that, not the general public

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