Sample size?

Data sets have been obtained of advertised prices published in the current issues of local papers for 2 different towns in your area for a sample of houses for sale.

Mean prices (£'s): A=100,000 B=105,000

Variance of mean price (£ x £'s): A=12,400,000 B=12,500,000

Sample size: A=50 B=50

It is required that a 95% confidence interval has size +/-£1000 assuming the variances remain unchanged, calculate the size of samples required for such a confidence interval. (You can assume sample size of town A and B are of equal size).

Thanks for any help.

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    Joe, i'm sorry but i have no idea! i have some sites that may help, though!

    that is where i usually go for help. sorry i couldn't be any more helpful! and good luck

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