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How many cruise missiles did Clinton have fired into Yugoslavia?

during the war with the serbs....bonus if you can tell how many tons of explosives were dropped.


Hmmm....I'll give you a hint, it was more than 2000 cruise missles.

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    This is typically how a shameless coward like clinton fights a war. From about fifty miles away. The number of cruise missiles was probably less than a dozen, but even with that he caused an international incident and damn near WWIII. It seems, Mr Genius and his intel group decided to target a building that his intel people said was one thing, when in fact it was the new Chinese Embassy! Well the building went down, at least one Chinese diplomatic worker was killed, and the Chinese were madder than hell! Naturally, slick willie climbed under the desk until the heat was off. See, that under the desk routine of his, served more than one purpose.

    This, I fear is the management style we can expect from the left. As the saying goes, "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it".

    To the genius TOM, below. I know it's no longer important that over 10,000 Albanians died as the serbs did their repeat of Bosnia, only because that coward clinton overruled everyone about putting boots on the ground.

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    briang731... bvincent, you should get your facts striate before you criticize the other political party. Are you saying it would have been a better choice to put 100,000 American lives at risk instead of utilizing the best fire power the world has to offer????

    Come on get real!!! you are second guessing the Pentagon, the Sectary of Defense as well as the President, and also all of the other NATO nations involved. But perfectly typical of a Neo Nazi Republican wanna-be, your answer to everything is "it was Clinton's fault"


    "On May 7, 1999 in Operation Allied Force, NATO bombs hit the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, killing three Chinese journalists and outraging Chinese public opinion. At the time of the bombing, the embassy was located in Novi Beograd – later, a new site was designated for the embassy in Dedinje. The United States and NATO later apologized for the bombing, saying that it occurred because of an outdated map provided by the CIA. This was challenged by a joint report from The Observer (UK) and Politiken (Denmark) newspapers [1], which claimed that NATO intentionally bombed the embassy because it was being used as a relay station for Yugoslav army radio signals. The bombing strained relations between China and NATO countries and provoked angry demonstrations outside Western embassies in Beijing."

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    to many

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