what are my legal rights to regarding livestock entering my property?

last summer these cows and bulls got into our yard and did damage, the owners of the livestock, came and got them, but they ended back into the yard several more times. I have tried being nice to the owners, but i have ran out pateints and my yard is suffering.It is now fall and this is happening again.

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    There is a lot of law on this, but it's all state- (or jurisdiction-)specific and you'd have to tell us where you are for any answer to be reliable.

    As a general rule, once told of the problem the owner of the livestock has to do something to prevent them becoming a nuisance. Do you have a fence? Are they damaging the fence?

    The simplest solution may be to put up a cheap electric fence of your own. Disputes between neighbors can get out of hand, and the legal costs become disproportionate to the problem. I would suggest doing whatever you can do cheaply yourself before escalating the matter as a legal issue.

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    You have a right to call the police for help, and file a police report each and every time. Take pictures of the damage each and every time...date the picctures.

    You have a right to contact the county for help.

    You have a right with police reports in hand to file PRO SE (by yourself) in small claims court, for damages and don't forget to provide the pictures....get estimates of what it costs to fix the damage...even if you provide your own labor.

    You have a right to contact your State Senators and State Representatives for help (and now that they are mostly democrats - they're looking at the next presidential election).

    Hey, when a senator starts an investigation......they listen!

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    Tell the police. There's probably some law about having to keep adequate fencing up so that the cows can't leave the property.


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