"Who created the Universe?" -Isn't that Question Stupid?

"Time" only exists within the Universe. It's not even real( we just invented it, as Einstein proved ). Hence isn't thinking of "a point of creation" just meaningless? Not to mention thinking "Who created the universe?"

Our ancestors may not have understood that time isn't real, and hence concluded that 'god' created the Universe. But people today should know better.



Note that the question here is "Isn't that Question Stupid?" not "Who created the Universe?".


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    who created the universe is one of the most stupid question that mankind has been debating for long time.

    may answer is - the universe cannot be created. it a big lie being propogated by religions to attract people into their fold.

    this universe is god manifested. there is no other way. i'm not trying to fit it into any pre-meditated scientific notion. if scientists are closer to this opinion that is purely coinidental and happy that science is moving in the right direction so far. ignore the holy books, keep the search, quest for more knowledge as an ongoing process.

    i'm not a believer. nor am i an athiest. I am born as a hindu. not the traditional hindu. the hindu of the upanishadic age. one whose quest for knowledge is unlimited. i'm a man of dhyana (meditation). when you search anything without any preconceived notion you are in for a lot of surprises. organised religions come with a ready made package called creation in seven days and prophecies. i will say with certainty that it an utter lie propogaetd for the last 2000 years. lets not waste our time on them.

    a man who is aware knows that this universe cannot be created. its impossible. a man of true religion will not accept this creation package. if i say that the universe is god manifested, organised religions reject that too. because it does not conform to thier holy books and whatever does not agree with thier holy books are lie. they will call me a blashphemer or an agent of devil. well, tht suits me well.

    when i said god manifested, that is the plain truth. if science says the universe was formed out of a big bang, i feel this manifestation fits well into it. difference here is only the usage of language. poetry and science. time has come that these two should form a joint venture and throw out the evil religious theories.

    there were ancient people who understood the truth. budha, mahavir, krsna, patanjali - all these people knew what the universe is. world has not read it, they are ignorant of the these facts. ancient seers have just said the same thing what today scientists are saying. its amazing only the believers and faithfuls of holy books are afraid of this truth unfolding everyday.

    Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya.

    Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

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    You've assumed two things that don't hold up. We didn't invent time: we perceived it. We continue to perceive it. And while time is relative, it remains a modality for existence, in the same way as each of the three spacial dimensions exist.

    Second, questioning who or what created the universe does not necessarily imply meaning. The act of creation does not imply purpose. My life processes create all manner of things (skin flakes, urine, carbon dioxide, hair) without intention or thought. Their creation has no purpose, but nonetheless they have impact on various other parts of the environment, from microscopic creatures through the larger creatures that eat them.

    Instead, the question "Who created the universe?" is simply an alternative phrasing to "How did the universe come to be?" While it implies an agent of causation, at this point in time, the existence of that agent cannot be proved or disprove, so its place in the discussion of cosmology is warranted.

    I will grant you one thing: The interrogative pronoun "Who" suggests a personality similar to human personality, and that extremely limiting frame of reference is probably not useful.

    BTW, I'm an atheistic agnostic.

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    I wouldn't call it a stupid question, per se...time seems very real to a lot of people, even though reality is subjective and often skewed. You do have a point, though.

    I find asking "who created the Universe" to be an irrelevant question. It doesn't really matter; it's here. Supposedly. (But that's another topic altogether!) A lot of people have problems stepping outside of their own realities and looking at things objectively. We may think that humanity has advanced past the stone age, but take a look around at the world. The only thing that's changed is how we do things. How most of think has stayed the same.

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    1 decade ago

    Absolutely. Claiming that it is God that creates Universe only serves to ignore the real scientific analysis that is needed to find out what really happened.

    Yes, it may be true that science may not have the full idea of how the Universe is created, but at least it is taking the right direction and asking the right questions. Religion is simply not helping by treating ignorance as the ultimate truth..

    Besides, if God can simply "be", why can't the Big Bang?

  • 4 years ago

    enjoying the "devils recommend" :p God created guy and gave us the equipment to think of rationally and length-best buddy; hence, in doing so, he/she /or it did not create technological know-how yet extremely created the earth and the universe and proficient guy the equipment and mind to attempt and hit upon its secrets and methods. additionally, claiming that merely through fact god is conscious all he could not have created technological know-how is preposterous. even even with the undeniable fact that technological know-how is at its middle a fashion for guy to discover unknowns interior the the international around him, this would not mean that a ultimate being of a few variety could not have created technological know-how for guy. through fact all of god's intentions are theoretically unknown to any individual, that is risk-free to declare that no person might on no account understand how or why god does the failings that he does. i'm not non secular with the help of any potential and that i've got faith that i might desire to precise that, even with the undeniable fact that those questions attempting to debase god and faith are o.k. meant, yet as with every arguments related to this difficulty lack perfect footing, through fact that is impossible to debase a being that no you're able to see or pay attention. even with the undeniable fact that I implore you to maintain asking questions, yet shop an open ideas as nicely :3.

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    God Created The Universe is wtitten in The Bible and on (www.jnsr.be/) In the Universe of Love,near God,the time is count in LOVE.

    If you whant science too,i hear that The Big Bang was caused because the materia which was their, at the same place, begin to reject each others,the end was an great Boom!!!

    Nobody can't respond way that materia begin to reject each other.....

    Isn't a stupid question.By.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Is a pity that these arthiests or whatever they call themselves are still in a middle of confusion they are found in between the devil and deep blue sea, they dont know routh to follow is just too pity. If is not that, how could someone in its own sence comes up with such a stupid question or does it mean you set this up to those who are too possessed and too dumb over questions of this nature. Just like what Aliena writes, if they dont know they should all go and sit themselves down and ponder over and over again about it until then they will get through there unconcious week mind. GOD HELP US!!!

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  • karl k
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    the question is presumptive not stupid. you seem to know little of religion or science. Einstein never suggested (let alone proved) that time doesn't exist any more than matter, movement or space but his findings do suggest that they may be different expressions of a singular event or thing or perhaps even a who.

    Source(s): read your bible or a science book, for gods sake read something.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Given that there is no evidence for a ‘Who’, it is a nonsense question. And, you are right about a ‘point of creation’, but not just temporally. Because of relativity, it is not possible to triangulate to a single point in space and/or time. And, ‘time’ may be a product of the way our minds work. Time may just be the way our brains interpret the distance (space) separating discrete events.


    eliana s and abdullah m –

    Are you aware that there is an epistemology of human knowledge? Your beliefs are not based on empirical evidence in the real world. Your beliefs do not qualify as knowledge.

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    1 decade ago

    Sorry, the theory of how the universe was created lies beyond the ideas of Einstein.

    Time is a real characteristic of our universe, but not necessarily of other universes.

    time Zero was the moment the universe started, the point of singularity, there is no value for time before that point.

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