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i want some gr8 website which u think r fun when u r bored?

anything to do online like websites on games , music , information , creative, or any website u go 2 u get bored. give a nice long list. and pls tell me a website 2 download the free songs of high school musical. no names of softwares like lime wire extra please. thanx and by the way take ur 2 points

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    There actually is a site called

    Watch movies made by various people on

    Explore Yahoo Answers as it can be addictive.

    Go to any internet radio site.

    Read comics online for example at or

    A whole bunch of things to do.

    if that doesn't help, go to Google and search either for people you know or other activities to do.

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    innovations-blowing at a similar time as i'm bored I particularly tend to in undemanding words pass on the tips superhighway and inspect frightening subjects on youtube, don't be attentive to if that helps, yet you're able to desire to desire to purpose it. i think you have a dogs by ability of ability of way of you putting forward there is dogs poop on your exterior, innovations-blowing consistent with risk you're able to desire to desire to would desire to desire to desire to purpose coach it some tricks or in basic terms play with it. you're able to desire to desire to consistent with risk initiate writing a tale (this would probs in undemanding words artwork in case you like that variety of ingredient no depend if lol) you additionally can attempt a apmper consultation. f you have a foot spa, why now not get t out, if now not a bowl of warmth temperature water does only tremendously much as good and you gets stuff like face mask for somewhat shrink priced in some places. innovations-blowing I dunno if any of that substitute into somewhat effectual, yet i'm hoping it substitute into!

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    get informed...

    get "in" ..

    learn a little ...

    I really don't understand why people ask for websites...

    THINK what you want, then GOOGLE.

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