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I've heard that God doesn't put more on a person then they can handle, so why do some of us committ suicide?

Some people just can't take the pain of life. Where was God when these people needed him the most?


Thank you all for answering.

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    I think some people simply feel like they have reached the end of their rope and have no choice but to take their own lives. I do not believe God has left them, I think they are to depressed to realize his presence. He aches for each and every one of his children as they are tested and he hopes we all pass each test as that is what makes our faith stronger. But for those who do not pass it or who bow out of the competition, I think he takes into consideration your state of mind at the time and your overall existence while you were here. I do not believe he automatically sends that person to Hell. My daughter was 13 when her 14 year old boyfriend shot himself in the head. I believe God knows what pain that child was going through and would take him into Heaven and give him comfort from whatever it was that weighed so heavily on his thin young shoulders. I hope this helps some.

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    Hi, before attempting to give some kind of answer let me state a few truths.

    1. God is not our slave.

    2. God is blamed for every human complaint.

    3.God does not pull a rabbit out of the hat at our bidding.

    4.God has the right to say no as well as yes.

    we have been given the precious gift of life by God and He expects us to treat it as such,to many take it for granted today, we see this in the great number of murders around the world.

    suicide is contrary to the love of God in that we throw back the gift in Gods face as if it has little meaning at all.

    some suicide cases are commited through deep depression and as the person is not in their right state of mind so there is deminished responsibility here and God will take this into account.

    some people choose to opt out of lifes struggle as the easy way out and never think of the pain and suffering of those left behind and therefore this is cowardliness,the rest of us have to struggle on and get on with it.

    I think most suicides are one of these cases, and in the first case i.e depressive suicide the causes are many and varied, financial burdens,rape,loss of a loved one etc, these are the human experience in life and affect people to a lesser or greater degree.

    now where is God in all this?, He is never aloof or indifferent as we would like to think,God is not a travelling repair man, having to put right every wrong the world does, that would make Him a slave to mankind, wether we like it or not we have to take responsibiltiy for our actions and stop blaming God or one another.

    another question is this,how do we know that these people actually called on God, do they not in fact dismiss Him and lose all hope like Judas did? it seems that we no longer know right from wrong which is a basic tenet in life,and as what we do with our free will is solely our choice, how can God with the force of His power,usurp our free will and make us do the right thing be any different than a manipulating God.

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    The question is..

    Where were the people who were supposed to remind these people...that life is worth living?

    Where were the parents? the so called friends? the colleagues?

    Where are all these people when a loved one is down?

    We all fall down...but we look for support from people we can hug, talk to and those people who can remind us, that their presence is Gods mercy.

    Some of us are improvished...have no friends or family. Where are the good people in society then?

    Why dont we look at ourselves instead of blaming God.

    Wouldnt you feel even the smallest tinge of guilt when you know, that neighbor of yours, youve never even bothered to say hi to, has comitted suicide yesterday? All because they coulnt pay their electricity bills....something you could have helped with...something you could have eased just by being around.

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    He doesn't know God.An suicide is against the rulle of God: 'Don't kill'

    Each day is a gift from God,we can begin a new life,is a new chance for our soul.We must live simply,to whant what we can't got is wrong,that men must be helped by parents,friends, an util time.

    He killed the body and take out the chance of his soul, to learn to be good .That all can be learned from The Bible,even alone.

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    It's not that God wasn't there, it's just that the person usually closes himself off from hearing Him. If you have ever read the poem Footprints, it tells of a man who has a conversation with God in his sleep. They are walking on a beach, he sees differents parts of his life, and the man sees two footprints, his own and God's. He notices that at difficult times in his life there's only one set of footprints.

    He asks God "why did you leave me in my time of need?" To which God replies, "I did not leave your time of need it was I that carried you." God never gives you more than you can handle, but you must be willing to hear Him. Hopefully someone can back me up with the Word, or I'll repost later with it.

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    The majority (not all) of people who commit suicide are mentally ill and are in that case not responsible for there action. For others I'm sure there is nothing they are suffering that other haven't suffered before you and have not committed suicide. There is always another way no matter what pain in life you have suffered. God is there for everyone when they need him, what are you expecting....God to personally talk them out of it?

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    Friend, your question assumes that God is responsible for everything we face in life. If God calls you to a task he will provide whatever you need to complete that task. However we can also heap things on ourselves by our own choices. God is not responsible for these things that we face, because we brought them onto ourselves. God didnt put them on us. We did. For example... God will not make you a drug addict... but you can. And if you get depressed and drawn out on drugs... and you do not turn to God for deliverance and help with that..... yes you could commit suicide due to the weight and depression brought on by addiction. But God didnt put you in that place.

    However if God calls you to a task.... he will provide strength... wisdom... courage.... and whatever else is needed to accomplish anything he puts on you.

    This is the difference friend.

    And in answer to the last part of your question... Where was God when they needed him most? He was right there... loving them and waiting on them to come to him.... waiting on them to turn the situation over to him. Remember friend God wont TAKE anything from you.... that your not willing to GIVE to him.

    I hope this is of help to you God bless you

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    God doesnt put more on us than we can handle, he knows our limits, our weaknesses. The only problem is that they dont come to God with their need, God is waiting there, paitently, but they choose not to come. God doesnt want people to kill themselves, the only thing is that the person chooses not to put their problem in Gods hands. God Bless!

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    this is where a persons faith comes in. and again people blame God for problems. and some don't realize whats on the other side of death. people don't understand that it is not God hat deals out the pain and trials that we have to over come....but he will get us threw it, if we let him. it has to be our choice. of course if you don't believe, or you don't have faith in God, where is the hope. HOPE is the word for today. I'm glad i have Jesus on my side, i don't want to just die, and be nothing. HOPE

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    God is allways t/here is our choice not to acknowledge his presence. It is us that turns away.Suicides have an almost instantaneous return factor built in as their karma for running from personal responsibility.So they get to address the same issues again but at a greater intensity. Your "problems " never just go away we need to address them an d heal them by exposing them to the light of The Truth.

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