Is she really taking time to think about us?

I recently left my girlfreind and then I realized how much I do love her. I have told her a couple of times how much I love her and how bad I want to work this out and she has told me the same. But I have called her numerous times and she has only caalled me a couple and every time I see her she says she will call but never does what is up with that? but this past friday I got so drunk and could not stop thinking about her I went over her apartment her car was there and nobody was home and while I was leaving she was in front of the building inside his car now I know this guy works with her and she told me he does not mean anything to her, but overall she never gives me the time of day to talk to her. we were only together for a year and its only been a couple of weeks I dont know if I can really believe that she is thinking about me. Which is all good but if she is ready to move on just like that then I think I should really know. Im glad I could really see how she really cared for us

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    when you break up with someone you love, you fall in love all over again. I recently spilt up with my GF, and im paranoid shes with someone else, or in love with someone else. she IS thinking of you, but you've hurt her, so you need to rememeber that.

    My advice is, call her, once, tell her you love her and your sorry for what happened and that you want to give you two another chance, tell her your not going to call her for a while, to give her the space she needs to decide what she wants. Also tell her if she wants to talk to you, that she can call you, text you, email you, whatever she wants.

    talk to her occasionally, to float in the background and make sure she doesnt forget you, she wouldnt anyway, but it just helps.

    If she calls, you know, but if she doesnt, you also know. Its a waiting game, but people need time to decide what they want.

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    Aw. Sorry you had to find out like that, but there is your answer. You said you left her, what did you expect her to do? Hang around like a puppy dog? She was probably really hurt. If she doesn't return your phone calls and you saw her with another guy, you should try to move on too. Give it some time. If you guys talk later on down the road, maybe the feelings will still be there...

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