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Is what is happening in Iraq a fulfillment of Prophesy?

It mentions a number of times that the Medes and Persians will get together.

Iran is Persia. Is Iraq the Medes?

Will they be angry after we pull out of Iraq and put old hatreds aside and join up with



Ezekiel 38:5

Don't you all WISH it already happened?

It never ceases to AMAZE ME how

many, even Religious people, try to

blow all this off because they don't want

to face the HORRORS that will soon

befall us!

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    No. The Old Testament "prophesies" were not about the distant future, but about the day and time in which the prophets lived.

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    Our involvement in their age old strife is presently a

    "Police Action" which is an unwinable situation. If

    we pull out, and Iran takes over the country of Iraq,

    then Iraq will most likely become just another religious

    state under the control of the Mullas in Iran. I do not

    think there will be any "joining up" as you put it. I

    think Iran will take over Iraq and dominate it.

    That domination will effectively crush all asperations

    held by Iraqi citizens for a Democratic and Free

    country with civil liberties and human rights equal to

    those in certain other countries.

    From the standpoint of the success of a Free and Stable Iraq, that will never happen until financial corruption

    within Iraq is eliminated. Do not look for that in

    this century. The Re-Bathing of the country's infrastructure will just about destroy it.

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    Nostradamus the astrologer and clairvoint person who about 500 years ago said the law of nature should not be spoilt, instead love and devotion should be made to propel, else the devastation would begin from a muslim country, by a muslim leader (Saddam Hussain).

    Maybe his prediction is doing the rounds.

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    its a reaction to al qaeda. conspiracy theorists never cease to amaze me.

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    yes genesis 23;14

  • Anonymous
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    no that would be if they join together with Israel

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