im stationed in korea and want new ideas on how to make my wife feal loved from across the world?

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    My husband was stationed in Afgh for a year and I know that I always just wanted to see an email or anything to let me know that all is fine.. I am sure that your wife doesnt want anything elaborate but something from the heart.. How bout making a puzzle that will tell her something about when you come home like giving her clues to a special trip or something.

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    If you have an Internet connection. be in touch with her everyday. And better if you have a regular free time to chat with her. Korea is an advance country, am sure Internet cafes abound any suburbs. Keeping in constant touch with your wife would surely make her feel loved more than any gifts you can send to her. Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. Sustain your relationship with any bit of news you can tell her on whatever is going on with your life on a regular basis and that will keep your relationship strong.

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    dude, first off THANKYOU from an army vet.

    Okay, go to and make an account for the 2 of you so you both have passwords and all to the same account. Then you can both go into the same account and post songs and videos for eachother. Songs from your dating years, from your childhood, yada yada yada. Get a digital camera and send LOTS of pictures back and forth, post cards are cheap to send too.

    THe internet is a great tool, use it too it's fullest. You could even consider webcam type dates with meals and everything.

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    James just send her a message once a week telling her that you are constantly think about her and missing her .

    tell her how you feel and how much you look forward to seeing her smiling face again .

    That's all a wife separated from her guy wants and needs to here

    3 words x 2


    I MISS YOU. say it often so she wont forget.

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    I've never been in that type of situation and really don't know what ideas to give you. I just wanted to share that I think you wanting to do this is incredibly sweet. She's lucky to have someone like you. I imagine that anything you do will make a big impression.

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    Send her flowers (you can do that through or

    Write her love notes, contact a friend who lives near her to buy and deliver some of her favorite things.

    Talk on the web.

    Read a book together. (she reads it at home, you read it there and then talk about it)

    My husband and I would watch a movie together, or have an anniversary toast via web cam.


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    Good question, but a hard one. The first thing of coarse is to constantly tell her. Next l would send her some flowers at her job, so that she can get lots of attention from her co workers whose husbands and boyfriends that are still in the same country and state are not getting... The praise and applauds you'll get will give her a feeling of love... put a romantic card with it. But make sure it's to her job, not at home, because women love to feel special and to brag, all humans do. So for her to get the attention from her co workers is good, because she will put your face with the strong emotions that she will be getting, kinda like an emotional high.

    Next get permission to take leave, even if it just for a few days and surprise her, when you see her kinda exaggerate how hard it was for you to get this leave but you fought and threated to go A-wall just for the sake of seeing her beautiful smile once again... Make sure you don't tell her that you are coming... remember like the flowers, emotional high is the goal... you want to give her the strongest positive feeling toward you as possible, so that when you're not with her she will still feel it and know you Love her.

    Next wait a while after that, wait at least 3 months, so not to be so repetative, fly her to korea to spend a romantic weekend with you, once again use my magic formula .... surprise her.... surprise her ... surprise her! Just call her up one day and make small talk, then out of the blue just ask: "Hey what are you doing this weekend" she may say this or that, then you say (smoothly and naturally, so you may want to practise saying it to yourself) "I "want" to feel the softness of your skin, I "need" to taste the richness of your lips, I "crave" smell the silk that is your hair, I want....(pause for like 4 seconds for tention and to build suspense) YOU, I want to be by your side (insert her name here), I need to feel your warmth next to me, I need it to renew me" after all of that ishe should be in a pretty strong emotional state if you executed it right, then you spring it on her "Come spend the weekend with me, come be by my side (insert name here)" But please please please, don't tell her that you have been planning this, it wouldn't be as romantic. Tell her that you just came into some money some how, for example: "They had this contest that if you can go three days with out eating you win such and such dollars, but eveyone was beating against me that's how I won so much..(pause for 3 seconds).. the only person who beated on me, the only person who gave me a reason to hold on.... (pause again for tention and to build suspence) was you (insert name here)" Naturally she will be shocked and want to know what are you talking about... then just tell her, once again smoothly, "The thought of being with you, the hope of once more tasting your lips or feeling your skin made three day with out food seem like nothing compared to this time I've been without you"

    This is another reason I want you to wait at lest 3 months, this should give you the time to save the money up, and if you've done all of this right, she will always know that you would do anything for her, she will know that you don't just say you love her, you show it. And most importantly that she chose right by marring you, because most men who still stay with their wives don't do this much, you are really special a great husband and even though it's hard being apart, she is lucky to have you as her husband

    Hope this helped

    P.S Please try to do all three in not just one to have the lasting effect

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    Tell her you love her and miss her everyday, when you can via email. It may get repetitive but trust me, the passion and desire and strength behind these words can carry on further

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    Write her a letter telling her how you truly feel and include a poem for her.

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    Write her, call her. I think you're worried. Don't be, she must love you. Thank you for your service to this country.

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