Can somebody tell me what is good about US universities???

I heard that we do not have to decide our major in us univs for two years. and we can spend lot of time deciding what major to take. Is that true???

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    Uhm. As an American, I am proud to be one. I am also proud of the fact that I attend college here. Before you start slinging names at us, let me answer the question at hand.

    Yes, it is true. And even then, you are not 'bolted down' to stay in that major. You can do whatever you want. I was an English Major, but I am now a Video Game Design major. You actually are free to take any classes that you wish, and you can take them whenever you want.

    I grew up in Misawa, Japan. My Dad was in the Navy and we were stationed there from 1980-1983.

    I have never studied at a school other than my current school (Muskegon Community College in Muskegon, MI) and I am damned proud to be here. I can't give you a comparison to schools from other nations, but I can tell you what I love here.

    1) The professors here choose to be here because they will not allow anyone to censor their teachings. The professors here are not in it for the money, they're here because they love to teach.

    My C++ professor actually designed the network for China's first 'On-line' high school. He had many offers to teach at larger univeristies, but he choose here specifically because he could teach the entire language, not just what the deans appoved to be 'safe' (not used in hacking - but vital to know if you are going to actually going to develop any kind of security for your network).

    2) On campus, we are active in our pursuit of our beliefs. We have excellent debates on beliefs, but we get along wonderfully. We agree to disagree. We don't fight each other, we express ourselves in a society based upon respect, community, and dedication to the betterment of society.

    3) We organize and participate in community events. We do our best to assist the community, because we believe that when you help your community, it is overall better for each individual.

    From the sounds of the other answers to your question and the previous one, I think that the other participants are confusing us as a nation with President Bush, who was just lost most of his power in this past election.

    So, I cannot speak on what is great about other schools abroad, because I have not been there. I can only tell you what I love about mine.

    Hope this helps!

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    Pardon me for saying this, but if you're going to take two years to figure out why you're even going there, then you most likely should not go and begin your life, instead.

    Also, most U.S. universities are liberal, Socialist-infested scumholes that won't have much tolerance for a decent-minded person who has values and principles.

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    Do not choose an US University my friend! just take a look to the american society:

    Consumism, Fanatism, Childish Minds, Hollywood Kingdom,


    Better think in Europe, we love Japanese world!

    Be Welcome!

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