I Need Healthcare Career Advice!!!!!!?

I am fixing to finish Medical Assistant program at remington in Tx. I am thinking about getting a degree in Healthcare Management but i dont know the positions i could do with that degree. I have good manager qualities. But what are the different jobs out there for that degree and what is the pay like.

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    management in: Hospitals, Nursing homes both public/private(big dough in private) Insurance companies, education, drug companies, various Gov't agencies both state, county and feds. I would say if you think about who needs healthcare managers the list could go on and on..The variables and spin offs of a degree of this nature could lead you down alot of paths.. Now depending on what forms of healthcare you feel most comfortable with is probably the area you will excel at..thus I would recommend you look in that arena..Good Luck and I am sure you will find a perfect position..

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