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"What is the best cure for depression brought about by "falling-out-of-love"?

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    There really is no cure.

    Sorry to say.

    I felt the depression thing many times when i came out of a few serious relationships and thought that this whole love thing was a pile of 'poop'. I though that I would never find love and i hated the depressed feeling that i experienced everytime i thought i had found love. So i gave up. literally

    One night i cursed love and said, "Dam you love , obviously i am just not meant to be with anyone, so i give up!" [i really did say this out loud by the way!]

    That night i went out to the local pub with a few of my friends to live my life as a now free, loveless, uncursed woman.

    As i walked into the pub it was like in the movies. [ and trust me i'm a sceptic of this whole movie, slow motion, angels singing, light shining from above rubbish] I saw the most beautiful man i have ever seen. He looked at me , i looked at him. We gazed, we stared. I am now married to that man.

    Yes true story.

    I know ,I never would have believed it myself.

    So my advice is give up. Love is like a rainbow. The more you try to catch it the farther away it tends to get. So just walk away and it will come to you.

    Its hard I know. Hang in there.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Confidence my man... that's how the fat and chubby get women. I've been depressed.. Hell I'm battling it right now actually. I'll address each problem you have one by one. 1) social life: This doesn't start over night. You have to get yourself into places where there are people like you. I don't know your personality, but for me, I went to church and met a few friends there that I am still with 10 years later. 10 years might be a bit for back for you, so let's try church now. Even if you aren't a believer, they will accept you. And the best thing, you can pick and choose anyone you want to go too. The one with a younger college crowd or the one with a single attractive woman that catches your eye. 2) childhood: Think back as to why it may have been "sucked" away. I've dealt with this issue as well. I spawned it back to my parents and how they raised me. My father cheated on my mother several times, which crushed what aspects of trust I could conceive. I've realized that I had to stop blaming him in order to progress. 3) bad at talking with girls and people: I was extremely anti-social until I became a part time waiter in college. I was forced to get in front of multiple people on a daily basis and act a part to make sure they remained happy. This broke me out of my shell of fear. Maybe you should try to take a position that breaks you from your comfort zone. You have to force your way out of it. 4) boring and have no hobbies: Take up a musical instrument. Guitar is by far the easiest and most fun I can think of. And the ladies love it. Go out and buy one. Start simple and in a few months you'll be playing songs in no time. Plus it will build your confidence a bit. The first thing of getting over a depression is making sure no one knows you are depressed. Talking about it is healthy, but talk about it to one person. Perferrably a family member. My mother listens to me still to this day. People are attracted to confidence. That is a major key in social situations. No one likes a whiner, even if your whining is jusified. Ignorance is bliss, be ignorant to failure. You can do this.

  • Cicero
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    Allow yourself grieve for what is gone. Then get some exercise and do something for someone else. It's the best way to get out of depression -- serving others. Does your local food bank need help? Or elder care? What about a local school?

    It really WILL help. But only time cures the deepest wounds.

  • Bart S
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    Distraction and time. Find an interest to stop you sitting alone thinking too much (a sport or even just reading) and be aware that pain will only heal with time. You may not believe it right now but the hurting stops eventually and the experience will make you stronger for the future.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I love spending a day watching my favorite movies with a bunch of friends over eating food you love. Basically keeping your mind distracted, to stop thinking about your pain or depression. As selfish as this sounds, you have to know you're loved and feel cared for.

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    Keep busy, do things you enjoy. Try not to be alone. Get a haircut/massage/buy a new outfit. Exercise. Get out and meet new people. Spend time with your friends and family.

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    By moving on. Realize that the past is the past and you have the future to live for.

  • DASH
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    1 decade ago

    find a hooker.

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