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Wat do u think about Madonna adopting that Malawian baby thats one year old. Ive got an essay on it and im stuck on the comment right at the end. can u give me some hints??

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    Is there a child in the US that Madonna could have adopted?

    I just answered a question similar to this where the person asking the question wondered why Hollywood stars are not adopting kids from the U.S. People answered with the obvious; that those children are suffering far more than those in third world countries. Who says we have to measure who is suffering most to lend a hand? Isn't there a way to cover as many bases as possible by adopting an entire village, instead. Sure, Madonna is helping that one child to have a better life. What about the other children? She has enough cash flow to distribute there with a plan to increase the quality of life of all those kids in one village. Granted there are the politics in other countries where when you send money, it doesn't necessarily reach the orphanage. While she was there, she could talk with whomever is in charge and spread the wealth directly. Others have done that from participation in small groups headed by churches, etc. I know this because the church I belong to has done it - the men visited and helped improve the lives in the villages with food, working to fix their dilapidated homes, etc. (Yes, we have a program where we help the needy in the U.S. too).

    While it is great that Angelina and Madonna can reach out to help those that are in need in other countries, both could remember that charity begins at home. If they wanted to really make an impact on someone's life, they could have chosen to "adopt" an entire village - not just one child. They've helped one child eat heathy for the rest of his life while his friends and other relatives will probably not survive. How sweet of them to be so generous.

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    I think that the child would have a better life with Madonna because the father can not and will not provide for him. Madonna offered to give the man money to raise the child, but the father declined. I know that she has gotten a lot of criticism but she is really giving the little boy a great opportunity to grow up healthy, and loved.

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    I think she's trying to do the right thing. She's gone to rescue a child from an orphanage. The boy will live in poverty if he stays & may never get adopted. If Madonna has offered money to the father for raising his son himself, then she clearly wants whats best for the boy. If he lives with her, he can still have contact with his father. Maybe the father realizes the opportunites the boy would have in America in a rich family. He could grow up educated & return to his native country to improve it.

    To me, its as if Madonna tried to choose a child in such a poor area, that it would truely be a blessing to be rescued in such a way. What are the chances of this happening there again?

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