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What happens if Satan wins the battle of Armageddon?

if there is a god, i'm certainly pulling for him. what could possibly be worse than eternity in a lake of fire? but what happens?


pulling for satan that is. needed to clarify lol.

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    LOL, Then it's on to level 42!!!!

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    It won't happen. God being the Creator of All, the beginning and the end... the Alpha and Omega (I think I could go on forever...) he really DOES know because it already has happened. Remember, God exists without the constraint of time, and dimensionally he exists farther up/out/more/deeper then anything else that exists... including Lucifer. Remember -- God created Lucifer as well.

    You'll be fine. Hell isn't just an Eternal Lake of Fire -- its also an eternal seperation from God. I'm guessing that if Satan were real, he'd want to get on Gods good side, but doesn't see how thats possible anymore.

    Have you ever seen the movie Dogma? I suggest you rent it. Its good for at least pointing out thoughts, ideas, and some truths... and intriguing the mind.

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    That is not possible for although Satan is very powerful, powerful enough,to convince a third of all the Angels in heaven to follow him in his rebellion to God he is very powerful, But not as power full as God, so Satan is powerful ,but, his power has a limit, and he cannot defeat the true God of the universe Jehovah. which makes your Question irrelevant because it is impossible, that,at Armageddon he and his rebellious angels will be abyss ed and bound for a Thousand years, after that time they will be loosed for a little while, and then they will be destroyed forever in the lake of fire ,the lake of fire is symbolic of total and complete destruction and not as most people take it as a fiery hell. No there is no way that Satan could win the Battle of Armageddon No, way at all! No God would not torment any one not even Satan for an eternity!

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    No, there is no possibility of this happening. The bible has in it hundreds of prophecies, many of which have been fulfilled, and some that have yet to be fulfilled. Satan's end has already been determined. Not only does he lose the battle of Armageddon, satan will be cast into the lake of fire for all eternity. Be wise, don't side with the loser.

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    I have seen many questions on this site saying what if, What if,, Satan will NOT win Armgeddon, Look in Rev.20:5-10 Verse 10: And the devil that decieved them was cast into the lake of fire & brimestone----------.

  • The answers your questions elicit are fascinating.

    Consider that several of the Holy Rollers in the current U.S. regime believe in the Rapture and Armageddon. Certain conditions in Babylon (Iraq) and Israel have to be met for this to happen. A bit frightening when you realise that they have the power to make some of this happen, or at least attempt to.

    They are definitely losing.

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    It all comes down to Lilith, the special breath the third person of trinity, God's daughter. She based herself in hell and kept reincarnating to convince others to fight for freedom/ commit sin. The whole heaven hell thing is actually at battle now we are in end of days. Lilith was also Jezebel, he will cast Jezebel into the great tribulation, and kill her children. If you look through the bible it refers to her as house of Israel, daughter of Zion, the comforter the councellor who will come out of the north in end of times is a delicate and comely women. He is trying to take her soul away by tricking her that he wishes to marry her, you see Jesus was originally Adam. Reincarnation does exist and the the whole matter comes down to if Jezebel does the prophet theing and the antichrist thing to later become the whore of Babylon or she commits suicide and hell wins. This is why the prophet is protected she is the spirit and she has to face a time of humiliation to go back into Gods good worthy books and if she dies then Hell will win, but there's a twist he has robbed her of her memory so she doesn't remember anything and falls into Gods trap to be destroyed, then later her children will be destroyed in Hell. But if she dies and doesn't become the prophet the antichrist or the whore she Hell will win. You see God wants everyone to serve him and live in fear, so you know he is the Lord. Satan says we're just acting on our natural instincts it's ok to have an extra bit of cake it's ok if you slept with someone and accidently produced a child out of whoredom whereas God wants to stone or burn the child and the person, God thinks it's ok to torture anyone because he is God, it's ok to send a flood kill on a genocide measure babies children etc because he is God. It's ok to see suffering and put people stoned to death for a fling of lust because he is God. I say people get the balls and join the rebellion and fight for freedom because Jezebel is smarter than to fall into that trap. New world order, higher spirituality, more technical in an advanced level, mix the light with the dark no one needs to die there will be new laws and new revolution. I vote for God's daughter and her romeo Satan whom she chose over Adam because he was a dick. If you read the bible you will see exactly how evil it is everyone must live in fear, I say no and go Jezebel fight for our freedom for our childrens sakes so they don't get burned or stoned to death and face another garden of evil. I think it's twisted the true evil side is Gods and his daughter is the true saviour. I love Lilith

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    if we are all dead as well as santan, then really could we feel fire and brimstone? Not that I am on team Santan because I am not but I think the whole heaven/ hell good/ evil thing is getting old If you all put as much time effort and thought into our enviroment, childeren, and menally ill that are alive now armegetton my not need to happen, live how thy wilst no harm to your self or to others.

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    Satan cannot and will not win..the battle is not what you think anyways..its a SPIRITUAL WAR!

    Go to this website and click on Bible Q&A for answers to ALL Bible Questions!

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    Satan won't win, he will be chained and thrown in a lake of fire.

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    the victors always rewrite history to satisfy their own point of view, so we will all learn that Satan and his followers are Just and right, and god and his followers are evil and wrong

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