Please help me!! My Yahoo Messenger still gives me this error message when I`m trying to enter in it . Please?

I have reinstall it several time , the 7.5 version and the 8 (new) version , version , in many posibilities but after is installed it gives me this error when I`m tryeing to enter in Yahoo Messenger and also is giving me this error at the start of the PC . The error is : " The procedure entry point ?IdleUIGetLastInputTime@@YAKXZ could not be located in the dynamic link library idle.dll . " And I know that i have idle.dll , what did I do? I downloaded Yahoo mess from diferents sites,,,etc. , not one didn`t work :( . Please help me if u know ... :((

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I had a similar problem signing onto mine, however, mine just told me that I couldn't be signed on, and kept offerening different connection preferences. You might try this:

    Temporarily disable your Internet Security Firewall. If you can then sign on, there's your problem. If this is the case, here is what I did.

    First, if possible, disconnect from the internet (to avoid any security threats) then, remove your Internet Security Software, restart the computer, and re-install. Then, reconnect to the internet. At that point, everything should work fine. If not, I would suggest to contact your PC tech support could be another issue.

    Furthermore, I have heard from several computer geeks that there is a type of 'virus' that is affecting messenger...primarily Yahoo messenger. Not sure if there's any credence to that theory, but, it kinda makes some sense.

    Hope this helps you, sweetie! :)

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    4 years ago

    Be very careful, my Hotmail Messenger imported a malicious software (sasser) into my kit, and it grew to become right into a heck of a job to do away with it. As a song instructor it grew to become right into a catastrophe -- lost approximately 3 weeks artwork. i comprehend i grew to become right into a dummy for not backing each and every thing up -- I learnt my lesson.

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