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Why didn't George Whashing wanted to become a King? And also, tell me why was he so famous?

Tell me a exact and true informations.

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    You know what - if you are American you really ought to be aware of this. Please start paying attention in school. If you are not American, I apologize.

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    Well, what I learned in school was that Washington was one of the ones trying to get away from the Kingdom and wanted no power over the country such as a king had. He and many others wanted a government where the head of government had not absolute power but answered to others for his actions. They wanted an elected official who ran for office every so many years and was elected by the people. This turned out not to be because a great many of the people could not read or write back then so they created the Electoral Collage where their was still a vote but the Collage actually voted in the President. It seems now the Electoral Collage doesn't want to give up their power. This is always the case when power is involved. The reason for the Electoral vote is unnecessary now but since many in the Congress are part of that system they want to keep it. This is another area the American people have not exercised their wishes and forced this archaic system out of existence and gone with the popular vote alone. As far as I'm concerned any member of the Senate or Congress who votes to keep the system should be voted out of office. This would indicate to me they were power hungry and were more interested in themselves than the power of the people.

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    Assuming you mean George Washington (1732-1799), I will answer these in reverse order.

    Firstly, he is famous because he was elected as the first President of the United States.

    Secondly, he didn't want to become a king, because he was a republican and monarchy was counter to his political beliefs.

    See the attached link for a biography.

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    George Washington didn't want 2 be a king because he wanted every body 2 be free.he was so famous because he was the first PRESIDENT

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    I don't know who George Whashing is.

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    yuke, you need to do some home work. lots of good sites on the Internet and the history channel had a good biography of him. he was a man of many great things and he had his share of faults as all of us do.

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