If you to become a president of your country..What genuine politics you would adopt?

that will make this world a safer place ?..

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    Safer? Why that emphasis? Why not better more generally?

    What politics I would adopt would be based on the premise that we can fit government back inside the Constitution. And most specifically, that the Tenth Amendment implies that much of what has grown up as federal bureaucracy either ought not exist at all or ought to be done by the states individually.

    In many cases, small local programs are swallowed up in the glare of federal funding. No, the feds don't literally control the program, but they control the funding, and that controls the program to a remarkable degree. Move that to the state level would be an improvement. What the states do with it is up to them. Move as much as possible to the county level, we would hope.

    But the Tenth Amendment also comes right after the first nine that spell out some pretty wide areas of rights of the individual in this country, and we need to remember that the rest was left to the states or "to the people." That is, not the business of legislation or regulation at all, but of individual decisions.

    So if I was the president, I would institute a policy of Constitutional Law Reform: fit the country back inside the Constitution. Streamline the process for challenge of new laws based on Constitutional grounds, and use Constitutional research as standard procedure in the congress when new laws are written.

    Make sure people understand that we are dedicated to living within the rules of the country we set down in writing, a sacred contract with ourselves and our posterity.

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    If I were president I would help Mexico make their own country a better place to live. That would fix the problem where it STARTS. and be less costley to us then what we would have to do to secure thr borders.

    I would allow stem cell research for medical purposes only. Alot of good would come from it. Which leads me into abortion. I personally don`t think it is right. BUT I have not walked in the shoes of ever being forced with that decision. Think about it. If we didn`t allow abortion (don`t mean this in any racial way just stating the facts) A BIG BIG portion of abortion are underprivalidged, non educated people, drug abuser, prostitutes and people that mainley live in bigger cities and themselves have been taught to live off gov checks and food stamps. But I think there should be a limit on this. One or two mistakes is probable but using this as a form of birth controll and woman that choose to do this alot is unacceptable.

    I think as far as health coverage goes we should adopt the same health plans that the government officials have. They have affordable good health coverage from the government that the idea can be expanded to all people.

    Education;; This is a biggy, These kids that are ranked as STUPID in the statistics involving the rest of the world will be running our country soon. Oh lord.... I really agree on this new idea of same sex schools. These kids are learning more have much much lower drop outs and because of less competition for the other sex are learning more compation and how to get along with their own sexes. Their minds are more on school than flirting. Less teen pregnancies higher grade point levels.I could go on and on about this but you get the idea.

    That`s just some of my ideas out of a million subjects

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    In Iran we have a corrupted political system where one with genuine policies can not even pass the qualification. It's almost the same situation everywhere else in the world.

    To make the world a safer place we need to disarm and make criminals infertile to eliminate bad genes gradually. I'll explain the rest during the next presidential campaign! LOL.

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    For the U.S., Strict Campaign Financing reform. I prefer a country by the people for the people , instead a country by the corporation for the corporation like we have now. Many companies are making tons of money from the war in Iraq.

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    As Pres, we wouldn't have tons of illegals because an efficient, secure border line would have been priority. Also, would recognize the immense threat of the terrorists, esp when they make it known it's on their agenda to wipe US out. For the survival of our country I would rally other countries together to ELIMINATE them ASAP and protect the peaceful Muslims while doing so. Criminals would have a much more severe punishment for high crimes treason, murder, child abuse and that would put a curb on crime. Also, big $$ I would spend would be to initiate centers for our homeless offering help to get back on their feet, for starters.

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    I will adopt politics without bitterness,where all will be carried along,just like what Nelson Mandela did in South Africa.

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    2 words...

    Thomas Jefferson

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