im 21, hes 23 i have a friends with benefits thing with a guy for 5 months, can it be he's falling for me now?

i have a friends with benefits thing with a guy who ive known for about 4 years now, this started about 5 months ago. at a party i drank too much and finally hooked up with him. so i would see him randomly a bunch of times (just talking and eventually sex, we had an agreement to keep things casual which is all we wanted). so we've seen each other a bunch of times at night,my best friend wasnt supposed to know (long story short, she kissed him once and was jealous)so he's started to say weird things when we're hanging out. he said he would love to see me during the day but doesnt know how to go about it bc my friend. he says he thinks about me during the day,has to remind himself its against our rules, he says i make him laugh, we're a good combo. so i started thinking he might like me bc he constantly asks if i have other guys on the side, and he hopes he's not just a piece of *** to me. would a guy say all this if he didnt mean it? i know they do for sex, but this is after we had sex

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    He loves you retard.....& if you don't love him and are just using him for sex then you're pretty pathetic,whorish and sad.If you don't really love the person you're having sex with then you don't know what good sex stop being a whore and lose the friends with benifits label and see where this relationship goes if thats what you want out of it...if you don't love him then just end what you're doing together because he will end up getting hurt,there are plenty of low class sleezy men like you who wouldn't mind having sex with you with no emotion involved.

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    I think what started out as a 'just sex' has drawn his emotional side out. I am a guy. I started a similar relationship with the same rules but then fell in love unwittingly. I think the both of you need to redo the rules again. The main question is what do you want. If you still want to stick to the rules,then you have to bear in mind that he will go for ur friend and use her to make you jealous. Are you prepared for this? If not rewrite the rules and announce to ur friend that you two are an item. I think you've got a guy who is in love with you here!

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    Hi, Sounds to me like you're afraid of trusting your heart. My best friend told me that over and over in this life there are different things which will break our hearts but its how we recover from that hurt and change is what defines us. Seems to me that he's becoming a bit possessive over you which we welcome because we like him. So here's what you do... You wait for him to make the moves with gentle nudging. He seems to be falling in love with you and soon all will come to light. I know you might be a bit impatient but he looks to you as the woman he shared so so so many firsts with that he's sure you're special. If he's shy I guess you could ask and tell him you like him... if not give him time and he'll come around.

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    well its hard to say it sounds like he might be starting to have feelings for you...but I've been in a similar situation and that's what I thought it meant to when really it wasn't what it meant at all. He was just messing with my head in order to get what he wanted...later he told me that he really did like me and care about me, but that it was a time when he didn't want a that's why he said those things..anyways just be careful but you should straight up just ask him what his intentions's the best way to find out...if he doesn't give you a straight answer...then chances are hes messin with you and doesn't know what he wants.

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    sounds like the guy wants more from this relationship. He has the sex, so why would he want to bs you to get into your pants when he already is. Sounds like he wants to have more of a normal relationship, real dating and all.

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    he wants you, why dont you make it official

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