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Becoming an angel investor?

What is the least amount of money that it would take to have a venture capital firm invest your money for you? Is it best to spread it out between a few firms to diversify? What percentage annual roi could I expect? What else would there be to know?

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    Risky is the name of the venture capital game. It is not for novices. You have to be prepared to lose everything you put up. Venture capital is a game for the rich and famous. You have to be savvy so that you don't get scammed. Return on investment may range from a loss of capital to unlimited amounts. $10,000 invested in Microsoft, 30 years ago might be worth $20 million today.

    If you have so much money that you don't know what to do with it all, then consider venture capital.

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    if yo have small amonts to invest take a little time to check out these forums I've been doing this for two years now

    I only do Proven Proformers here.

    I'm in most of the private programs Min. are from $50 to 5k

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