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can you repair your own chipped tooth?

I chipped my tooth and I was wondering is there a safe epoxy I can use to match it up and repair it myself.

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    sorry but no you can not. you will need to go to the dentist and get what is called a composite filling or maybe you could get a vaneer or a crown put onto that tooth. which is like a small cap that gets glued onto your tooth. good luck

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    Once it's chipped, it's beyond repair. Is youe nerve there affected? The tooth may be dead by now so it's better to check with your dental surgeon to find out if you need to do a root-canal treatment. If not, you tooth may have lack of nutrients due to the fact that the nerve may be dead and it will discolor after some time and also become brittle.

    Source(s): Former dental assistant.
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    afaird not, you will need to see a dentist on this one, i am sure some peopl will give u some advice, but its not going to be a permanent proper soultion, so i would suggest seeing the dentist

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