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i guess this would be a poll... michigan vs ohio state?

i hope this is not a violation


i mean who is gonna win???

Update 2:

after 9 votes in 8 hours it's michigan 7....

Ohio state 2...

this is a fun question......

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    Ohio State wins by 32.

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    Arsenic has apparently taken some of his name, no way in hell that Ohio State wins by that margin. I am not sure who will win (I would love to see it be Michigan) but I will say this, the game will be hard fought, high-scoring and not settled till the last possession of the game. A better and more thought provoking question is this though.............

    Who is going to play in the big game since 3rd, 4th, and 5th ranked teams all lost this week? We all know Michigan or Ohio State will be knocked out this week.

    Source(s): I see Michigan v/s Florida in the big game with Michigan winning big. GPD 818<------------Not a Michigan fan (GO SEC)
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    Michigan is going to kill Ohio state by 17

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    The Wolverines will win a close one 24-19. Go Blue! Defense rules the day!

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    Michigan by 3 in double OT. This is the premiere match up and hope to see it again in the National championship

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    Michigan will win a close one. 17-14 GO BLUE

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    you do not understand what you're speaking approximately. at the start, Boise State isn't on a bye; they're enjoying Tuesday. 2d, I watch ESPN on a on an known basis foundation and unquestionably none of those adult males have reported they have Boise State #a million. Mark might did not even have Boise State in his good 5, and he needless to say hates Boise State. the only non-AQ communities he even remotely likes are Mountain West ones. He had, like, Auburn #a million on his record. merely like tremendously much all and sundry else who works at ESPN, he performed for some northern college (in his case, Pitt) yet betrays them with the help of kissing the SEC's @ss non-provide up. The exception is Lou Holtz, and that's barely through fact he kisses Notre Dame's @ss non-provide up. in case you asked him which group is greater "deserving" of enjoying for the call, ND or Boise state, he'd say ND. third, each thing you declare ESPN does to Boise State is strictly what they do to the SEC, and that's why, greater beneficial than something, I hate the SEC (and that i'm from the Southeast). They talk approximately Boise State plenty, and, yeah, that is stressful through fact any time a topic matter is beat into the floor that is stressful...that is strictly my factor on the subject of the SEC. yet they don't talk approximately how good Boise State is; they sit down and argue over whether or not they might desire to get to play for the call, and a variety of of different those adult males say no. i admire Boise State, yet i don't think of they're certainly one of the two suitable communities interior the rustic, so I agree they might desire to not play for the call this season. often, even with the undeniable fact that, i think of activities analysts, columnists, etc, might want back up with new and thrilling subjects all-around, even with the undeniable fact that, not in basic terms with reference to the SEC being greater effective than all and sundry else and Boise State.

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    The Wolverines will win a close one27-20. Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    MICHIGANNNNNNN is gonna win 34-24

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