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Playstation 3 PS3 and Ebay?

I keep saying I'm going to place preorders for these consoles so I can turn around and sell them on Ebay... and never do...

What are the best ways for me to get my hands on a few of them so I can turn a quick buck?

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    Uhmmm, a little late buddy.

    If you're lucky, you can stand in line for a day or more and buy ONE for $600 (limit is 1 per customer). That's about it.

    Pre-orders were over like a month ago. And they don't always work either. The store is happy to take everyones $600 and give them a paid in full receipt...but when it is time to pick it up there are 40 people who have paid in full and there is only 20 PS3's available.

    Source(s): I flipped a couple of Xbox 360's last year (1 pre-order and 1 in line for 20 hours)...$$$$ paid for a nice Christmas lol.
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    you in no way be attentive to the subject concerns of a ps3 narrow. the ps2 narrow had some disk examining issues(a number of them). the ps3 narrow could be an identical. oftentimes the extra contemporary and smaller variations of consoles have extra issues. in no way purchase a console from ebay. attempt craigslist. oftentimes you get to attempt products before you purchase it once you seek in craigslist

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